30 Engaging Essay Topics for Students

Essay writing has always been an integral task offered by colleges and universities to test their students. Through essay writing, students can learn their topics better, analyze and discern information better, and express their thoughts or ideas in a more organized way. But to make the most out of essay writing, students should always try and work on the topics that suit them best.

30 Engaging Essay Topics for Students

At an academic level, essay writing can be even more difficult. This is not only because there may be several rules applied to the task but because they are also heavily scrutinized and graded. Thus, there are always added pressures when it comes to essay writing for one’s college or university. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most engaging essay topics for students in college.

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In no particular order, here are 10 different types of essays with 30 engaging essay topics for students in colleges or universities.

1. Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are those that describe certain people, things, events, places, or more. To make such essays more engaging, one should focus on presenting all their descriptions, facts, and opinions creatively. These types of essays can also be boosted by using images and other creative bits.

Here are some engaging, descriptive essay topics – 

  • You won’t believe what I went through on my first-ever solo trip!
  • What is it like to truly fall in love for the first time?
  • How my first year at college has completely changed my life for the better

2. Persuasive Essays

Unlike argumentative essays, persuasive essays use a more extensive combination of opinions mixed with facts to illustrate a certain point of view. To make such essays as engaging and impactful as possible, students are advised to use emotional appeals in a cautious yet smart way.

Here are some engaging, persuasive essay topics – 

  • We should stop cutting trees for the sake of writing on paper immediately
  • Here’s why hunting in natural parks should be strictly forbidden
  • Health insurance plans should be provided to all full-time employees at their jobs

3. Narrative Essays

Narrative essays can either be personal, fictional or based on real-world events. Depending on the type, students should use their maximum creativity and imagination to tell a good story from their point of view. Narrative essays can show a student’s overall analytical, discernment, and creative skills.

Here are some engaging narrative essay topics – 

  • I decided to start my own business, and here’s how my life turned out
  • What bartending in one of New York’s best sky bars taught me as an aspiring Buddhist
  • How I overcame a shattered shin bone and ended up as the top goal scorer the following year

4. Definition Essays

Definition essays are basically those essays that define certain ideas, concepts, terms, etc. Definition essays are a whole lot more engaging when the right topic is selected. And topics can range from scientific concepts to abstract ideas and a lot more.

  • What does SEO mean, and how can it help a modern business on the internet
  • What is Astrology, and how does it impact human beings on Earth?
  • Here’s my definition of a perfect summer vacation

5. Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay talks about one side over another based on factual data instead of solely relying on opinions. To make it more engaging and impactful, argumentative essays should be written using a third-person voice rather than a first-person or second-person voice.

Here are some engaging argumentative essay topics – 

  • Should online classes replace traditional methods of teaching?
  • Has modern technology made us more isolated?
  • New fathers should get as much paternity leave as new mothers
30 Engaging Essay Topics for Students

6. Critical Essays

As the name suggests, critical essays are those that go in-depth into topics so a complete analysis of them can be created. Most colleges and universities require students to submit critical essays at some point. When attempting critical essays, it is important to research well, create outlines, and keep the reader engaged or hooked from start to end.

Here are some engaging critical essay topics – 

  • How does systematic racism impact everyone?
  • The real impact of chemical drug use among teenagers in the United States
  • Can environmentalism and capitalism coexist?

7. Expository Essays

An expository essay is like a formal, unbiased, and more formal document that provides some type of expertise or factual information. Students are often expected to create engaging expository essays that show their expertise around certain subjects or topics.

Here are some engaging expository essay topics – 

  • Can we really curb global warming by restricting the extensive use of private jets?
  • An in-depth look at the science behind meditation and yoga
  • Is it possible to end world hunger? If so, then how can it be done?

8. Comparison Essays

As the name suggests, comparison essays draw out comparisons between any two (mostly similar) topics or subjects. Most comparison essays are engaging when definitions, pros, cons, similarities, differences, and more of the two subjects are properly structured and mentioned.

Here are some engaging comparison essay topics – 

  • Treating a tennis elbow versus treating a golfer’s elbow
  • Which modern smartphone offers maximum security – Android or iPhone?
  • Who should win the 2024 presidential elections, and why? 

9. Process Essays

Process essays are those that show the reader how a particular process is conducted. To show a process clearly, students should focus on creating the right structure, preferably in chronological order, and organize their data accordingly. One can also use bullet points to make their work more engaging.

Here are some engaging process essay topics – 

  • How can a business use social media to go viral? 
  • How can Apple improve its production process to reduce its overall expenditure?
  • How to set up a multifunctional family tent in less than two hours?

10. Cause & Effect Essays

These types of essays basically draw a comparison between two main aspects of any circumstance or situation – their cause and effect. They can be highly engaging written pieces if a student picks the right before-and-after topic that is well researched and well written.

Here are some engaging cause & effect essay topics – 

  • What Einstein’s theory of relatively meant for science before versus what it means now
  • A look at how technological advancements have progressed since the turn of the millennia
  • What causes gut problems, and how can they be treated?

The Bottom Line

Students should always choose their essay topics based on the type of essays they want or need to write. And because every type of essay has its own set of rules, one should also know them so they can create the best copy. The ability to select the right essay type and topic can significantly boost one’s chances of creating engaging and impactful essays.