Writing Guide: How to Complete an Essay in One Day

Every day students work on dozens of small and big assignments. Some tasks slip through the cracks because of the enormous workload. This usually happens to essays. Students often put them in the back drawer until the due date and focus on more significant tasks. When the deadline looms ahead, they try tackling the entire paper in a single day.

To complete the work as fast as possible, they get one or two sources and start typing. Getting the paper done on time doesn’t mean that its quality has to be sacrificed. Students must approach essays with the same level of care they give to other assignments. There are several things that will help them.

Writing Guide: How to Complete an Essay in One Day

Have A Clear Understanding Of The Assignment

Some students cut corners at the very start. They take a glance at the assignment, start working, or look for “write my essay for me” platforms. When this happens, they misunderstand the goal of the paper. That’s why one should read the assignment several times. You need to understand each detail of the description to address it in your work, including:

  • The required number of sources
  • The paper’s style and tone
  • The essay format
  • The main topic

It’s impossible to write a good essay without a proper grasp of these requirements. In the worst-case scenario, one may end up with a paper that doesn’t have any listed details. When that’s the case, redoing the entire work is the only option. If you’re confused about some aspects of the essay, ask your professor. It’s better than grasping at straws.

Find The Right Place For Work

When time is of the essence, working in a noisy and distracting environment is not an option. Before starting an essay, find a place where you can concentrate the most. Once there, put on noise-canceling headphones and start working. It can be an empty room at your home, a library, or even a cozy café.

To better focus on the assignment, listen to instrumental tracks; songs with lyrics can be a distraction. Spotify and other platforms have plenty of study playlists. The music shouldn’t drown out your own thoughts, so ambient or classical pieces will work. This way, you’ll come up with and explain ideas better.

Another distraction that has to be dealt with is the internet. It should be used only when conducting research or proofreading the paper. Avoid using the web while working on the text itself. This means no social media and smartphone notifications. These factors will help you finish the paper faster.

Create An Outline

Once you’ve found a place to work on the essay, it's time to create a small blueprint for it. The rough outline of a paper should have points it will address. Add short comments about the content of each part. This gives a rough look at what the paper will look like. Take time to write down plans for:

  • The points that will be presented in the paragraphs
  • The supporting evidence
  • The introductory part
  • The thesis statement

When written right, essay outlines provide a structure for future work. You can always reference them for arguments and points that have to be in the text. It also makes it easier for professors to understand the paper.

Develop A Work Routine

Finishing an essay in one day means that every minute counts. Because of this limitation, you have to create a work routine for the essay. List all parts of the assignment and think how much time it will take to finish each. It should look something like this:

  • Research - 45 min
  • Introduction - 30 min
  • Body - 90 min
  • Conclusion - 15 min

These parameters depend on the paper’s size and complexity. But, they give you a timeframe to work with. Use a smartphone timer when starting or finishing each segment. It will make you more focused. Check for inconsistencies, proofread the paper, and give it a couple of reads. Reading the essay aloud several times gives a better feel of its flow and structure. You may find that some paragraphs need editing to tie the text better together. Better find these flaws now than after submitting the paper.

Writing Guide: How to Complete an Essay in One Day

Research The Topic Thoroughly

Before typing anything on the keyboard, it’s essential to have a good grasp of what you’re writing about. It’s impossible without spending time on research. Writing about something with minimal knowledge spells failure. Look for reliable and informative sources that will back your arguments. This makes the paper look more solid.

When researching a topic, take notes on data that can be used in the essay. It's important to use only reliable sources for your text. This proves that you thoroughly researched the topic and made the paper more solid. They will look great in the essay bibliography. Don’t forget that step, as it will influence the final grade.

Make A Plan And Follow It

To make sure that you stay on track with the essay, it’s important to make a plan for it. It should cover all important parts of the paper. For example, you can write down its word count, the points that have to be addressed, and the basic structure. A good plan has to cover all aspects of the paper, including examples and citations.

Don’t forget to come back to it from time to time. This way, you won’t miss any part of the essay. Once you have a good feel of what should be included in the paper, start writing. Remember to follow the work schedule and not do everything at once. Once you have a draft version of the paper, go over it and make sure that it has all the required components.


Working on a late assignment is never fun. You may feel like time has run out, but don’t let it distract you. Remember to find a place to work, focus, make a plan and follow it. You’ll soon make articles that your professors will admire each time.