How to improve the ride quality of your car

How to improve the ride quality of your car? There are many simple ways. Even monitoring the road or keeping a consistent speed can help someone drive better and safer.

How to control the car to minimize the possibility of accidents and loss of control is a question for many people. The most important thing is that you have to go to a training school (when taking the test for a license) or self-study, seriously study and gain experience so that you have the technical knowledge to drive a vehicle at a high level with the type of vehicle you drive. Here are 14 tips to improve the ride quality of your car.

How to improve the ride quality of your car

1. Looking towards turns and bends

When driving a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle, monitor the direction you want to go. Usually, the car body is ready to follow your gaze. So, action and reflexes will be better than when someone likes to look sideways.

2. Notice what happens ahead.

Not only does it help you spot speed shots, obstacles, or vehicles ahead of you about to turn, but it also gives you more time to react in a controlled manner instead of being startled by something in front of you.

3. Keep the same speed as the traffic in the lane you want to enter.

The stable speed will help you enter the lane better. Avoid crashing into the rear or hitting the rear of another vehicle if you are going slower or faster than that line of traffic.

4. Avoid sudden braking

Rapid braking is one of the principal causes of traffic collisions. A person slamming on the brakes suddenly can cause a chain reaction with drivers behind.

5. Know how to drive a manual transmission car:

A manual transmission car can make you more focused on driving and less attentive to distractions.

Know how to drive a manual transmission car

6. Learn to control the oversteer

Oversteering is talked about a lot as soon as someone learns to drive. Sometimes when cornering, your car suddenly slips on the rear wheel. Knowing how to control these cases will help avoid accidents that can be very serious.

7. Quick shift

This technique alone is quite complicated but very useful for cornering without stalling. The quick shift is performed when you are traveling in a straight line and encounter a bend, need to slow down, and change gears. Shifting the gear to match the engine rpm and braking will help the engine not stall. And when coming out of the corner, the car is already in low gear to speed up.

8. Mastering reverse skills

The skill seems basic but becoming a master is not easy. Backing up today presents many challenges because parking spaces are often cramped and full of obstacles.

9. Practice parking

Parking is probably well known, but doing it perfectly is not easy. Also, because of the narrow space, you can make some mistakes that you do not want.

10. Keep the gas evenly.

In the city, traffic density is high and many main roads are often stuck during rush hour. Therefore, driving in the city will mostly only run at low to medium speeds. The driving technique in the city is to keep the accelerator pedal evenly, control the vehicle speed well, to avoid sudden acceleration/deceleration because it is easy to surprise the traffic behind. Driving to keep the gas in the city is also an effective way to save gas.

Keep the gas evenly

11. Keep the right distance.

A driving experience in the city is whether the road is crowded or empty. It is necessary to keep a safe distance. Depending on the actual situation, adjust the distance from the vehicle in front to avoid collisions, limit the motorcycle crossing and have enough time to handle if an unexpected situation occurs.

Especially, with a slow-moving traffic jam, the driver should try to avoid letting the motorbike cross. Because a motorbike falls in, it is easy for many other motorbikes to follow.

12. Drive in your lane carefully.

When driving in the city, pay attention to the left divider or road markings. The right side should leave a safe space because visibility in the right corner is often more limited. Not only when you need to change lanes or change direction, but even when driving normally, the driver also needs to pay attention to the rearview mirror.

It helps to detect if a motorbike enters the space between your vehicle and the divider. It will avoid unnecessary collisions.

13. Avoid being in a hurry when coming to the intersection

If you ask about the experience of driving a big car in the city and what needs to be paid attention to, the intersection is one of the most important things to pay attention to. First, the driver needs to obey the correct traffic light signals, do not pass red and yellow lights. In case the green light is less than three seconds, the vehicle should also slow down and stop.

Do not speed up in this situation. Because if the car does not pass through the intersection in time or meets the cars that are impatient to run before the light turns green, it is easy to have a collision and an accident.

With a green light, do not immediately go to the gas station. You should pay attention to observing. Let the vehicle slowly run through the intersection to prevent it from unconsciously crossing the red light or the vehicle in the opposite direction. If you cross the intersection, you will meet an oncoming car that wants to turn.

14. Choosing the right tires

In order for your trip to always have the quietest and most comfortable driving experience, you need to choose the type of car tire that ensures smoothness on the road surface and reduces the best noise level.

For drivers who want to enjoy every turn, and every acceleration, need tires that emphasize steering control and precise steering. This tire is characterized by firm sidewalls and a large road surface contact area.


Above are 14 driving skills that you regularly practice to improve your driving skills and increase your reflexes when driving a car. Many car drivers lack awareness just because they want to go fast and encroach on the motorbike lane or encroach on the opposite lane. It not only endangers yourself and others but also makes the traffic situation more complicated and chaotic. Therefore, a city driving experience is to always run in the right lane. If the road is congested or in a traffic jam, please wait patiently.