How to Send a Custom Message with Amazon or Flipkart Order

Its time to shop online and make your shopping experience better using technology. Amazon and Flipkart are always there to facilitate you where ever you have been, with your online orders and shopping.

How to Send a Custom Message with Amazon or Flipkart Order

With online shopping and ordering gifts for your loved ones, now you can also send custom messages with Amazon and Flipkart orders. In this article we will guide you how to do this.

How to Send a Custom Message with Amazon or Flipkart Order

Send Custom Message on Amazon with an Order

You can use this feature of sending custom messages with an order on Amazon by using Amazon's Gift Options. Just follow the steps:
  1. Open your Amazon app, to buy any product click the Buy Now option.
  2. Now click the Deliver to this Address button and pick a delivery address.
  3. On next page you can choose a mode of payment of your choice.
  4. Now click Continue.
  5. Then under the order details, click on Add Gift options.
  6. Now type your message in the text field, tap Save Gift options and Continue button.
  7. In the next page you can add more options with your custom message as add a separate gift bag.
  8. In last, click Place your Order button to proceed. 
Your order will be delivered on your given address.

Send Custom Message on Flipkart with an Order

Flipkart has somewhat different procedure to send custom messages with an order. You can send your message in two ways. Here we will guide you with both.

1. Via Flipkart Gift Card

Flipkart works differently as compared to Amazon in this concern. However, you may send custom message with an order using Flipkart gift card. Follow these steps:
  1. Open Flipkart and sign in to your account to add the Gift Card of your choice.
  2. Then, click the Buy Now button.
  3. Now, enter the details of the recipient you want to send the gift as his/her name and address. Write your message in the text field. 
  4. Next, click the Continue button to go to the next page.
  5. On next page, complete the payment process. 
You have done. Your message will be digitally sent to the email address recipient.

2. Contact the Flipkart Seller

The other way to send a custom message on Flipkart with your order is to directly contact the Flipkart seller. Here is the way how you can do it:
  1. Find the item you want to buy and gift on Flipkart, from that item's page scroll down and find its Seller.
  2. Tap the Seller's Name and view its ratings and profile.
  3. Now, click the button Contact Seller.
  4. Then, scroll down and tap the option I Want to Contact the Seller.
  5. From Address Details, locate the Seller's contact number and ask him to attach your custom message with your order on Flipkart.

That's it, you have done.

In this article we have guided you with simple and easy methods to send a custom message with Amazon or Flipkart order. 

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