5 Social Media Lessons to Learn from Experts

Have you been struggling with social media?

Have you tried all social media tips and tricks you find on the internet and in other sources of information but all your efforts seem futile and unfruitful?

There is nothing to be ashamed of. You have come to the right place!

Social media is regarded as one of the fastest adopted technology. As you are reading this, there are billions of people checking out there social media accounts.

5 Social Media Lessons to Learn from Experts

This is a primary reason why these platforms have become a goldmine for small businesses and big corporations alike.

In case you want to achieve tremendous social media success that will bring great results on tools such as sharedcount.com, below are some of the lessons you should draw from the gurus.

1. Keep content all visual

Yes, brands that have achieved tremendous success on social media such as Buffer, Spotify, and Nike keep everything visual.

This means that they have studied their audiences, and they are aware of the fact that when they add an image on their tweets and updates, it makes more desirable to read and readers will be easily persuaded to click their links, something that goes a long mile in increasing their sites' traffic and ultimately their conversion rates.

You don't write a long post just because you feel it is audience-related and valuable, and expect to get great results. You need to incorporate graphics in every tweet or status update to appeal to your audiences.

However, big corporations will not always use simple graphic images. They use informative infographics, which earns them additional points considering that this type of visual content is highly valuable and shareable.

Your goal is to achieve maximum social media success, right? Make maximum use of infographics. They are incredibly helpful visual branding elements. Additionally, you can use them to compress bulk information into an easily understood visual treatment, something that will enhance your expertise in the modern marketplace.

Regardless of what you are promoting on social media, remember that people will relate more with visual elements than plain text. You can hire a professional photographer to take quality images for you, or you can as well use graphic design tools such as Photoshop or Canva to come up with high-resolution custom images.

When creating infographics, you can start from scratch, or you can as well download a template from the internet. In no time, your engagement numbers create a ‘wow’ effect on your digital marketing strategy.

2. Make use of emotional branding

Successful businesses elicit certain emotions throughout their social media strategy; thus making their target audiences to develop a strong personal tie with their brands.

For instance, footwear retailing giant TOMS uses social media to market their products on the basis that their business funds various charitable projects. By doing this, they develop an emotional branding of giving back to the society, gratefulness, empathy, and kindness.

This brand enhances the power of this campaign by sharing emotionally-drawing images of its charitable acts on different social media platforms. This increases their engagement numbers since people are highly inclined to emotional brands.

Depending on your brand, you can channel any emotion you like on social media. Regardless of the emotions, you choose to channel, make sure that it accompanied by emotionally charged graphics and images. This is a strategy that will undoubtedly give you an edge over your competitors.

3. Make a connection with your audience

To achieve success on social media, you have to jump in on customer conversations. When you choose to use a highly professional tone in your messages, you will create a sense of ‘fear' in your target audience, and they will find it difficult to engage with you.

Instead, develop messages that will encourage direct engagement with the population you are targeting. When a client, for example, asks for a solution to a problem, be quick to reply. In fact, some big brands such as Spotify will reply to virtually any comment, including those that are not related to their posts.

You can also do something that encourages engagement, such as asking a few questions and promising a reward for the person who will give correct answers. Remember, if you are too serious on a social media platform, you will lose more than you will gain. Connect with your audience!

4. Provide valuable content

The reason why most small businesses don't succeed on social media is that the only content they provide is on product information, how to buy the products, and why clients need to choose their products. If you to beat your rivals, don't fall into this pitfall. Try to develop super-valuable content about your industry.

Providing highly informative and original content is what makes a brand a paragon of authority in a particular field. It makes your target audiences develop a perception that you are enthusiastic and you have knowledge of whatever you are talking about.

Huge brands do not use social media as a tool for selling their products. Instead, they use it to give a host of other shareable information including free tipsand tricks on how to use the product of your choice.

You can capture your audience's attention by providing valuable content through producing lists, blog posts, and a host of other links. If readers find it informative, they will doubtlessly share it with their peers, and this will ultimately increase your conversation rates.

In case you are not a good writer, don’t panic. There are thousands of professional freelance writers waiting for you to work with them.

5. Be consistent

Probably the best lesson you should learn from social media marketing gurus is the fact that you need to be consistent.

Don’t device a cool social media strategy and halt it when you achieve success. Look at reputable brands such as Dropbox. Apart from achieving tremendous success over the years, they still create cover photos regularly for their twitter pages.

Determine a social media strategy that works for you and stick to it. This way, you will remain relevant and sooner or later, you will achieve tremendous success.

Since it has a wider reach, social media is one of the most effective digital marketing tools. To get the best out of it, make sure you put the above lessons into practice, and you might soon find yourself at the top!