How to Reduce Video and Photo Size on iPhone

iPhone is a great miracle of technology. People love to capture photos and videos on iPhones because of too much good quality of the photos and videos captured on iPhone. Sometimes when iPhone users share their media files with others, there comes the issue of photo and video size.

How to Reduce Video and Photo Size on iPhone

In this article, we will share how you can reduce your video and photo size on your iPhone safely and easily. To do so read below.

How to Reduce Video and Photo Size on iPhone

There is no in-built way to reduce photo size in iPhone. So we have to use some tricky ways to deal with it. Here we are sharing the simple ways to reduce the size of photos and videos on iPhone.

Change the Capture Formats

The image and video format is the main reason for photos being big in size. Now Apple has introduced HEIC format to be in place of PNG or JPEG, which gives you high quality pictures but in a smaller size than others. So follow these steps to change the capture format:
  1. On your iPhone screen open Settings and go to the Camera.
  2. Click the Camera and then select Formats.
  3. From the Camera Capture option, choose High Efficiency from the menu.
You have done this, and now your mobile will reduce the file size of your captured photos and videos, maintaining their sound quality. You may use third-party apps to have more effective results.

Use Image Size App

You may use Image Size App as a third-party app to resize your photos and videos on iPhone. Using this app is just easy. You just have to choose from the four measurement units like pixels, mm, cm, and inches to change the size of the media file. Follow the steps:
  1. First, download the Image Size App on your iPhone and open the app.
  2. Now Allow access to photos or the whole library.
  3. From photos select the image you want to resize.
  4. Then, from the menu choose Pixels and enter the Width and Height according to your wish.
You have done. The photo will be resized within seconds and you will get further options to share that resized images, to save and to print that images. You may see before and after of the resized image in this app.
You may also send photos and videos to yourself on WhatsApp or Telegram and this will automatically reduce the size of the sent photos and videos after you download them on your WhatsApp or Telegram.
So, that is how you can reduce the videos and photos size on iPhone using different methods following the above described simple steps and enjoy sharing your captured moments. 
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