How Web Design can make or break a business!

If there is anything that the internet has provided apart from social media then it is a boost to businesses. Never in human history had so many businesses taken rise as they have now. Each day a new company takes birth, starts to crawl, and uses the internet to run and thrive. And although SEO is primary to digital success, Web Design has become vital too lately. A poor web design can no longer help you survive the competition. Such is why many expert companies like Blurn Australia have come forward to meet the demand.

How Web Design can make or break a business!

But how can a web design impact the growth of a business? After all, isn’t it just a bunch of codes taking shape on the screen? Well, web design is much more than this.

The impact of Web Design on business growth!

Earlier, if you had said that web design can ruin your business, people might have laughed you away. Because most of the business was still being done offline, not much attention got paid. But now, people are spending most of their time online. This holds a huge potential for businesses to capitalise.

Website of a business in the present world represents that very business. And this website needs to rank on the search engines in order to grab a large chunk of product or service seekers. Search Engines usually use hundreds of algorithms to judge the query, the content available as a possible solution, and which content is best. For example, if you are searching for ‘web design services’, Google will look for websites offering web design services and decide which website to rank highest. It uses many Ranking factors for this. Although most of these factors are small, few are primary and impact the ranking by a big margin. Web Design is one of these ranking factors

But how is it that web design manipulates the ranking and thus business growth?

1 – Poor Web Design leads to a lower Core Web Vital score!

It was mid 2021 when Google finally decided to target poor quality websites. People were just creating shallow websites and adding poor quality plagiarised content in order to rank quickly. But Google has become a thousand times stronger than what it once used to be.

Poor Web Design acts as an obstruction into the User Experience. It has been proven that slower websites lead to a drop in sales. This is why Google finally announced that Core Web Vitals will directly be impacting the ranking of a website. But what are Core Web Vitals? These are a set of few factors that together decide the quality and smoothness of web design and its responsiveness.

If you want to learn more and have a better understanding for web designing, you can watch some web design videos on YouTube and also read the bullet points below:

·         Cumulative Layout Shift - the time it takes for all the web elements to take their place on the screen.

·         Largest Contentful Paint - the time it takes for the website to load.

·         First Input Delay - time difference between clicking on action buttons and their response thereafter.

·         Security - HTTP, SSL, etc. The website needs to be secure in order to protect users’ data.

·         Responsive Web Design - the website must adapt according to the various screen sizes.

·         Intrusive Interstitials - there should be no unnecessary popup before the screen.

Together these factors speak if a website is worth ranking or not. Says Blurn, Web Design in Brisbane has grown immensely since the inception of Core Web Vitals. Businesses have started taking web design seriously. But it was not so few years ago. Earlier, websites with good quality content but poor quality structure and coding were ranking equally well. There was no algorithm to prefer better quality websites over the poor ones. But then in the mid 2021 Google considered the situation to be grave. It thus pushed the Core Web Vital update and notified the public that good web design will be ranked over the bad ones, said Blurn.

2 – Poor Web Design leads to poor User experience!

Humans are so choosy when it comes to comfort. We do not take a second to hurl off a poorly built thing. Poor web design leads to a poor User Experience. Consequently, users exit the website and never return. This leads to a higher bounce rate and a lower User Retention rate. We all know how they are one of the primary ranking factors. 

At a time when the internet is ruling the world, a website must be able to rule the internet. For this, it must focus on many greater aspects at once. For example, content quality must also be revered as much as web design, SEO, or backlinking. The competition is at peak and the way through has become narrower than it ever was.

In one of our tech talks with Blurn Australia, their experts revealed that Web design is slowly rising as an important aspect of the modern world. It is like an office of a company and thus it needs to be graceful and appealing. Contact Blurn, the best web design in Brisbane, in case you need any expert intervention.


Every business operating online should focus on creating an engaging and user-friendly website to make sure it is not losing potential leads.

It is a responsibility now to have a great looking website which stands out from the competition and looks promising to the customers.

So, invest in your web design needs too, beside marketing your business online.