Summer clothes: tips to achieve a good outfit

In the hot season, we all want to feel fresh and light wearing summer clothes like skirts and top sets. There are many styles of clothing that can be dressed making creative combinations that achieve perfect outfits.

Summer clothes are usually very versatile, which is why you can wear the same outfit at different times of the day. For example, shorts can be used to dress both in the morning and in the afternoon or at night.

The ingenuity lies in knowing how to take advantage of each garment and combine accessories and footwear with the appropriate summer clothing for women. In this way, with just a few basic pieces you will have enough to create many outfits.

How to combine summer clothes?

If what you want is to achieve the perfect outfit with summer clothes, you should know some tips so you can combine clothes and get the most out of them. So, you will look fashionable during the hot months.

If you want to achieve this, it is essential to have basic garments that will get you out of trouble and that will also serve as a wild card to make thousands of possible combinations. If you are wondering what kind of clothes are worn in summer, here are some basic pieces.

Summer clothes: tips to achieve a good outfit

White shirt:

This is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. It can be worn on any occasion, both formal and informal, and is perfect for day, afternoon or evening. Adding it to your closet guarantees you many possibilities.


These cotton pieces can also be used a lot and combined with shorts, long or short skirts. The ideal is to have white, black, and navy blue, which match almost everything.


A dress skirt never hurts and if it is pencil type much better, so you can create different outfits. Likewise, a denim skirt is super combinable so you should add it to your list of basics.

The basic in summer is the knit skirt and top set, just like denim. Combined with a top, a shirt, or a blouse it is a super cute and very comfortable look.


Summer clothes: tips to achieve a good outfit

Shorts in basic colors such as black, beige, white, and blue, as well as denim, are also a must in the wardrobe, as they can undoubtedly be worn in many ingenious ways. Use them with strapless blouses, with a top, with t-shirts or shirts, they look pretty good!


Without a doubt, they could not miss some jeans. In the shade you prefer, they are always perfect to wear with a wide variety of garments and complement with accessories. You cannot miss at least a pair.


Choose the sleeveless, strapless, long, short, or mid-rise, but dresses cannot be needed during the summer. There are plain colors, although in the summer cheerful prints such as flowers, polka dots, or stripes are valid.

Caps and hats:

Yes, it may seem strange to you to see caps and hats on the list because it is commonly associated with men's fashion and style. However, in the summer temperatures are usually high and UV rays are at their peak. It never hurts to cover your head with one of these accessories.

If you get creative, you will be able to look very fashionable on your getaway to the beach, to a Magical Town, or to an archaeological zone, and, most importantly, you will protect your skin from spots caused by the sun.

Summer wool:

The wool is too hot! Wool itches! Wool makes you sweat! These assertions are only received ideas. Wool can be worn very well in summer or spring while protecting you from perspiration. In summer, we recommend summer wool like pure virgin merino wool which is lighter than traditional wool. It acts as a real thermal insulator and will keep you dry in hot weather.

Wool Care Tips:

- You can wash your wool sweater in machine wash

- Choose the wool program or wash your laundry at no more than 30°

- Opt for a gentle spin program

- Dry your woolen laundry in the open air at home and never in the sun

- If you wash your wool garment by hand, do not soak it for a long time

- Put sachets of lavender in your wardrobe to dispel the myths about your woolen clothes

Additional tips for choosing summer outfits:

In addition to knowing the basic clothes that you must have to mix outfits, consider the following when creating your outfits to achieve incredible combinations:

- Use monochromatic colors: this means that you mix clothes of the same color or shades of the same color palette. For example, green with different shades or coffee and its shades such as beige.

- Create contrast: what is involved here is to create “contrast” between one garment and another. For example, purple clothes with a yellow one or a green one with a pink one. The result is truly incredible! Guide yourself with the color circle that you find on the internet to never fail in your choices.

Now you have how to choose the best summer clothes for your outfits. If you are in search of the best collection of cheap festival outfits, visit now!