How To Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

The eyeglass frame you choose should complement your face shape. For example, if you have angular facial features, you can balance them with oval or round frames to soften your look. 

How To Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

Choosing a frame that doesn’t match your face shape will direct attention to your angular facial features. So, knowing your face shape can be a good starting point before choosing the perfect frame for you. 

Knowing Your Face Shape

Your face shape can fall into these categories: 

  • Round face - The forehead, chin, and cheeks have the same length and width. Also, the jawline and the cheekbones are smooth and soft. 
  • Oval face - A slightly curved jawline, narrow chin, and forehead but with high and wide cheekbones. 
  • Heart shape - It has a broad forehead and a very narrow chin but notable cheekbones. 
  • Square shape - The face has a broad chin and forehead alongside a wide jawline. 
  • Triangular shape - A face with a narrow forehead, broad chin, and jawline. 
  • Diamond shape - A face with wider cheeks and cheekbones but a narrow chin and forehead. 

Three features determine your overall face shape: 

  • Forehead - Is it wide or narrow?
  • Cheekbones - Are they soft, or do they stand out?
  • Jawline - Is it angular or curved?

Answers to these questions will give you an outline of your face shape. 

Note that your face shape may not necessarily fit these categories. No one has a perfect round, oval, square, etc., face shape. You can easily use the face shape identification app Find Your Face Shape to determine your face shape. 

Selecting the Glass for Your Face Shape 

Two important factors to check before choosing the best glass that fits your face shape: 

  • Eye prescription. If you use prescription glasses daily, you need a recent eye exam to know the best eye prescription for your eyes now.  
  • Lifestyle. If you will wear the glasses outdoors and engage in activities like sports, you need sunglass to protect you from sun glare and UV rays. 

So, you may need the right eyewear prescription, protection, and a perfect frame shape that complements or flatter your face shape. For premium quality and durable frames, brand name frames are reliable. Nike, Ray Ban, Wiley, and Oakley prescription sunglasses can come in handy. 

Here’s how to choose the best frame that complements your face shape:

1. Oval, Round or Coloured Glasses for A Square Face Shape

You should select a curved and wider prescription sunglass for a squared face. It will balance the cheekbones and sharp jawlines and angles.

Here’s how each suitable glass frame will work to balance and soften your look: 

  • Colored frames will direct attention to the eyes rather than the angular facial features 
  • Oval frames will soften the look by balancing the defined square lines 
  • Round glass frames will contrast the square lines 

You can also use a cat-eye glass to elevate your style into a bold statement. 

2. Angular or Rectangular Glasses for A Round Face Shape

A round face has smooth curves from the chin to the forehead. So, you need to add angles to elevate the detail and bold style. So, angular and rectangular glass frames will come in handy. 

  • A rectangular frame will add contrasting detail to your smooth facial structure. 
  • Geometric or angular glass frames will add distinct lines and balance to your round outline.
  • A browline glass can also come in handy as it directs attention to your eyes, not your facial features. 

3. Round, Oval, Rectangular, or Aviator Glass Frames for A Heart Face Shape

How To Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

Heart face shapes are wide at the forehead and slowly narrow as you move towards the cheekbones and chin. 

Best complementing glasses for a heart face should have round bases and be broader than the forehead:

  • Aviator glass frames will extend the width and contrast the heart-shaped outline
  • The round glass will soften the angular lines 
  • Oval or rectangular glass frames will balance the forehead, and the chin outlines

4. Aviator, Browline, or Cat Eyes Glasses for A Triangle Face Shape 

Triangular faces are narrow at the forehead and broader at the chin. The best prescription sunglass that can complement should direct attention away from the forehead. 

So, glasses with a bold top and thin at the bottom will work perfectly. That’s why these sunglasses or glasses will flatter and complement a triangle-shaped face: 

  • An aviator with a curved base will soften the cheekbones
  • Browline has a bold brow line that adds detail to the frame and directs attention to your eyes
  • A cat-eye glass also directs attention to your eyes instead of the sharp features on your face. 

The trick is going for frames with opposite outlines to balance the features of the triangle face. 

5. Square, Rectangular, or Browline Glasses for An Oval Face Shape 

An oval-shaped face needs a glass that offers a natural balance and adds angles to your look. So, frames wider than your face and with opposite angles will do the magic:

  • Rectangular and square frames will add sharper angles to complement the look 
  • Browline glasses will focus attention on your eyes 
  • Geometric frames will bring a playful contrast to your look 

Iconic browlines and cat eye frames can make a bold statement to anyone with an oval-shaped face. 

6. Round, Oval, or Browline Glasses for A Diamond Face Shape 

A diamond-shaped face has a short and full but narrow forehead and chin. The perfect frames should soften the sharp lines and focus attention on your eyes. These are the frames that can offer you a unique complementary look for a diamond-shaped face: 

  • Oval glasses will balance the sharp features
  • Round glasses will soften your look by contrasting the chin and forehead's sharp outline 
  • A browline pair will focus attention on your eyes and not other facial features 

Wrap Up 

How To Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

The prescription sunglass you rock should complement your facial features. So, before choosing your favorite prescription glass or sunglass, you should know your face shape. 

Type of Face Shape
Suitable Glass or Sunglass Frames

Square-Shaped Face

Round, oval, and colored frames

Round-Shaped Face

Geometric, rectangular and browline frames

Heart-Shaped Face

Aviator, oval, rectangular, and round frames

Triangle-Shaped Face

Cat eye, aviator, browline frames

Oval-Shaped Face

Rectangular, square, browline, geometric frames

Diamond-Shaped Face

Round, oval, or browline frames 

Besides your face shape, ensure the glass you choose matches your eyewear prescription. Also, it should offer maximum protection against sun glare and harmful UV radiation. The frames should also be durable and comfortable while engaging in outdoor activities. 

You can buy prescription sunglasses from premium brands with the right frame for your face shape and eye prescription. You can get better bargains and discounts online, allowing you to own cool prescription sunglasses at cheaper rates.