Avoid Porch Pirates: How to Keep Your Packages Safe

Since the onset of Covid, more people are ordering items online. It's convenient, and you can buy just about anything. It's even exciting to get a package.

Avoid Porch Pirates: How to Keep Your Packages Safe

However, there are porch pirates who may steal your boxes. Losing your package makes ordering online less convenient.
You may be at your wits end, you may not know how to stop porch pirates. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your packages safe. Read on for some tips! 

Schedule deliveries

Many online companies like Amazon will allow you to schedule deliveries so that you can make sure you're home when the package arrives. Sometimes UPS and FedEx will also allow you to schedule deliveries.

Try a virtual address

A virtual address is a physical address you can use in place of your home address. You can send package delivery to your virtual address online. When ready, you can pick up the package from a secure location. This is an excellent option if you run a business, get a lot of packages, or are often away from home. 

Set up security

Setting up a home security system has many benefits. You'll protect your home from intruders. Cameras can be helpful if someone steals a package. You'll have images of the person who stole from you.

If you make it obvious that you have security set up, such as with a sign in your yard, many thieves will avoid your house.

Get a smart delivery box

A smart delivery box has an app-controlled lock. You'll leave it unlocked, and once the package is delivered inside the box, it will automatically lock. You can open it at your convenience.

If you don't want to purchase a smart delivery box, you can get a smart padlock at a more affordable price.

Try Amazon Key

If you order a lot of packages from Amazon, you may want to consider Amazon Key. Key is a program that Amazon offers to Prime members that allow for in-garage delivery. There's no extra cost for the service.

The service is only available in certain cities, but more are being added. You'll need a device to make your garage a smart garage. The driver will scan your package and get one-time access to the garage. You'll get a message that your package was safely delivered.

Pick up your package

You can always pick up your package from the carrier. Some online businesses like Amazon have local delivery pickup locations. 

It's probably the least convenient option, but if the package is very expensive or essential to you, then it may be worth it to make the trip. 

Parting shot

In 2021, 210 million packages were stolen from porches. This number is shocking and means that your packages are in danger.

Amazon and many other similar companies have made it easy for customers to order almost anything online. Many of these businesses also work on strategies to keep your packages safe. Following these tips will make you more likely to keep your packages secure, and can reduce the amount of theft incurred.