Nearpod Join – Complete Guide for 2023

In a world full of chaos and extra activities, Nearpod is changing the way students take classes to study and learn.

Nearpod Join – Complete Guide for 2023

Here we are sharing the best methods to join a Nearpod lesson using Nearpod Join Code and the official apps from the company.

You can read more about it and educate yourself on how to join Nearpod lessons and learn about the platform completely.

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is an online educational tool to help teachers create interactive lessons and students join a class by typing a simple nearpod join code provided by the teachers where students can learn from slides, polls, game-based quizzes, and collaboration boards. Students then can easily submit their learnings from any selected device.

It is a new way to let the students study from their comfort zone and teachers to teach the students wherever they want. It is a truly remote base learning platform to transform the traditional education system and put everything online.

How Students Can Join A Lesson on Nearpod?

The professionals at Nearpod create to help students easily enter into a class and don’t have to login or create an account.

Here’s how students can easily join a nearpod classroom in a few seconds:

  1. Ask your teacher to send you a 5 letter Nearpod join code
  2. After receiving the join code, type it somewhere or in your notebook
  3. Hold your smartphone or laptop and make sure the internet is working
  4. Go to using Chrome or any other internet browser
  5. It will ask you to type Enter code, type your join code here
  6. After typing the Join Code, click on Join (blue button)
  7. You will be instantly redirected to the online class by your teacher

That’s how easy it is to join an online class on nearpod using the join code that is provided to you by your online teacher.

How Teachers can Create a Lesson on Nearpod?

Like students, teachers can also easily create lessons for the students and generate join codes at the same time.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to and create a new account
  2. Now click on the Create (blue button)
  3. Select lessons from there and upload your content
  4. You can also create new lessons from this dashboard
  5. Now you can add content such as Videos, Slides, Websites, Nearpod 3D models, VR Trips and more
  6. Now save and exit your lesson
  7. Invite students by generating a join code

Getting started is free, you can create your own lesson or edit a premade lesson on just make sure you know what you need to teach your students and what your students need from you.

So, that's how Nearpod works for students and teachers together.

Nearpod Join is a new and innovative way from the company that lets the students join a class without any hassle and signup or login process.

In addition to the website, Nearpod is also available on these platforms and you can search them using the terms below:

  • Nearpod on Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Nearpod on Zoom App Marketplace
  • Nearpod on Google Play Store
  • Nearpod on App Store

As virtual classes and remote learning has been booming in this decade, more and more students are joining nearpod and it join nearpod idea to easily access study materials.

If you want more from us, we are here to share more educational articles. Just stay with us.

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