How Long Should I Keep an IT Asset

There are many factors that determine how long you keep IT Assets.  It could be that a merger or acquisition is about to take place.  Maybe your business is changing it’s location or it could be as simple as a software upgrade.  When your new equipment comes in, all of a sudden your old servers, storage, computers and other IT assets have reached their end-of-life. 

How Long Should I Keep an IT Asset

Careful planning and the knowledge to protect your company’s data and reputation is required before you dispose of outdated or unwanted assets.  Keep in mind that IT assets need to be disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.  When you dispose of, donate or recycle an IT asset, you must make sure it’s been thoroughly wiped so you don’t disclose sensitive information which could be exploited by cybercriminals.

Although many businesses attempt to handle ITAD in-house, simply put, “its not an easy task.” ITAD is not just wiping hard drives and removing assets from an inventory spreadsheet; you will also need to remove the hardware from all employee records, sever associated leases, and transfer or cancel software or cloud licenses.  

Where to Start

ITAD cannot happen without a thorough audit of all equipment. If you don’t know what assets you own, it will be difficult to make the right decisions. So, rather than attempting to do ITAD in-house, a better option is to work with a certified ITAD vendor like OceanTech to undertake a complete IT asset audit and locate all hidden IT equipment containing sensitive data. Once complete, OceanTech can set up a comprehensive asset disposition strategy that can bring back money to your company’s bottom line. 

The Next Steps

There are several ways to dispose of old IT equipment. The first, which can put money back into your IT budget, is the re-marketing or re-sale of the assets. While your old equipment may no longer be robust enough for your business, there are plenty of other businesses that can use, and will pay for your old IT assets.  OceanTech can filter through your old equipment, wipe it so it’s free of any data and price it for sale so you can see some return on your investment.

When your equipment is too old to re-purpose and no longer holds any value, disposing of it or recycling it might be a better option. While regulations are becoming more stringent for both options, it’s crucial that your process meets or exceeds regulations, so your organization doesn’t face fines and/or penalties.  OceanTech’s services ensure compliance on all levels.  

OceanTech is an R2 Certified ITAD that ensures the entire recycling process follows health and safety guidelines for employees and the environment and prevents e-waste from reaching landfills.  For conscious consumers looking to recycle their election assets, finding a responsible organization with R2 certification is crucial.  

When the job is done by OceanTech, your organization will be free of its outgrown assets, and your data security will be intact. As a result, the IT department will be unburdened to do what it does best: Help the business operate efficiently.