Celebrating a budget friendly Christmas in 10 steps

The hustle and bustle, the trappings and toys that we associate with Christmas, are often a cheap imitation of what we are truly yearning for.

Let this be the year you put those things aside and focus on what you truly value. We value good greetings, celebrations and the coming of the whole family together - all of which is a representation of Christmas celebrations. And to celebrate this special event, families often dial up on the budget, just to end up regretting the decisions leading up to it.

Celebrating a budget friendly Christmas in 10 steps

Celebrating Christmas is a big deal but maintaining the overall budget is an important part too. What if we tell you that if the suggestions are followed thoroughly, you can maintain the budget and also have a merry good time!

Celebrating a budget friendly Christmas in 10 steps

1. The Dinner Table

Make a special effort to lay the Christmas dinner table. Add candles, little stars, matching napkins and possibly your own homemade crackers. Be resourceful because there are so many ways of doing this inexpensively. For a touch of elegance, consider using classic linen napkins to add a timeless charm to the festive setting.

2. Some Hot Chocolate

A special Christmas treat for the children during the holiday can be hot chocolate with marshmallows.

3. Wrapping the Presents

Instead of buying rolls of wrapping paper, buy only ribbons and use recycled paper to wrap the present's in.

4. Carol Concerts

You may not be able to order snow for the special day, but going to Christmas carol concerts and midnight mass adds magic and gets kids up into the way of what Christmas really is about.

5. Chestnut Roasting

Take the children for a country walk and try to get chestnuts to bring home for roasting.

6. Christmas Cake

The other part of Christmas celebrations is the joyous cutting and indulgence of Christmas cakes. The addition of plum cakes to this event is an enchanting and captivating moment alongside family and friends. In terms of budget, baking a cake is a much more complicated and expensive affair. Instead place an order through reliable Bakingo's cake delivery in Bangalore services that caters to a wide collection of cakes and desserts and not only plum cakes. So that means you and your whole family will get to enjoy a budget friendly Christmas treat!

7. Christmas Eve with Kids

If you have little children, then create a magical bedtime routine on Christmas Eve with a bath, followed by a new pair of pajamas. I picked up a tip from a friend who would sprinkle glitter in the hallway for her small children to know that the elves had been!

8. Family Games

In the theme of spending time, not money, children adore playing family (board) games and watching a good Christmas film over the holidays. Older Christmas DVDs are no more than a pocket money spare with which you can create a "home cinema".

9. Sharing Happiness with Poohs

Do something charitable. Is there anything the kids and you can do for other people, like the elderly or the sick? Giving time and care to other people is very fulfilling and a great learning curve of understanding for youngsters.

10. Time

If you have older children who are very much expecting the latest fashionable item, don't be mistaken that time spent rather than money spent is still significant for them too, despite the fact that they may not show it. What can you do for your adolescent that would really light up their eyes?

Please give them some particular time, if not at Christmas, then in the New Year, when they have all your attention to do something they always wanted to do.