How Often Must Employers Audit Their Electrical Safety Programs

The employer is in charge of planning and carrying out briefings, coaching, and assessing employee awareness of labor protection problems.

How Often Must Employers Audit Their Electrical Safety Programs

In almost any production, workers are in contact with various electrical appliances, thus they need to be instructed on how to handle the equipment safely. A worker needs to be aware that rigorous adherence to labor protection regulations is necessary to ensure everyone's safety at the company.

Who should be trained in technical safety at the enterprise

Production appliance use poses a risk to workers, who must be aware of this risk, take the appropriate safety precautions, and know how to administer first aid in the event of an accident by doing a first aid certification course.

The list of those who should be trained in electrical safety programs should include not only linemen or those who operate power tools, but also office workers working on a computer, or copier. If the wiring is faulty, a cleaning lady cleaning the floor can also be harmed.

How often is safety training performed?

The next inspection should be carried out within the following time frames:

  • for those who are directly responsible for planning, organizing, and performing maintenance work on existing electrical installations, or who carry out adjustments, repairs, or preventive tests in them, as well as for workers who have the authority to issue orders and engage in operational negotiations — once a year;
  • for administrative and technical staff who weren't part of the previous group, as well as labor protection specialists, it was revealed that they had inspected electrical installations once every three years.

Re-certification is required in the following cases:

  • employment in another company;
  • interruption of service for various reasons for a period of 3 years;
  • there was a modernization of the technological process;
  • worker protection regulations have changed;
  • the qualifications of the employee did not satisfy the inspection bodies;
  • it was decided by the employee to increase the admission group.

All information about each specific employee is stored in a special journal, where they enter the date, the topic of the briefing, and the increase or decrease in the professional level.

Who provides the training?

Reducing the likelihood and severity of an electric current's influence on employees is the main objective of technical safety in manufacturing. Businesses use a range of technical and organizational strategies to achieve this.

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