Use These 3 Tips in the Spring for a Deep Clean in the Kitchen

Use These 3 Tips in the Spring for a Deep Clean in the Kitchen
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Springtime means waking up the house from the long, dark winter. It’s the traditional time for everybody to give the house a thorough and deep clean to welcome the sun back.

One of the worst places to clean up in the spring is the kitchen. It has been accumulating dust, debris, and grease all winter long and is going to take some serious scrubbing to get it ready for the summer season with open windows.

To get your kitchen sparkling you just need to know a few areas that need particular attention. In this article, we will go over several things to make sure you tackle the kitchen in the most efficient way possible.

1 - Get organized

As you set out to do a deep clean of the kitchen, the best thing to do is to have a plan for what happens after. Make sure that you find a way to organize everything to keep it neat and tidy going forward.

Having a place for everything will reduce clutter and make it easy to keep it clean later on. And it will also prevent pests from showing up later on. Having all of your food away from the reach of insects and mice will help keep you and your family safe from disease. If you want to know how to get rid of fruit flies, the best advice is to make sure that fruit is kept enclosed and eaten quickly.

Storage containers for food are essential but so are shelves dedicated to things like small appliances such as food processors and hand mixers.

2 - Move the stove

If you haven’t moved your stove away from the wall before to clean, then you are likely in for a big surprise. You may not even realize how much food falls behind the stove or even under it. Then when you move it, you realize just what a health hazard it was because of the insects it was likely attracting.

Get it away from the wall and use a powerful degreaser to give the wall and floor a thorough clean. Even if there is no food that fell back there, it surely accumulated a lot of oil and grease.

If you don’t have tile behind the stove, then consider adding some as it is much easier to keep clean.

3 - Wash the drapes

When you cook, oil particles travel through the air and accumulate all over the kitchen. No matter how powerful your hood is, it will eventually build upon surfaces. The drapes are a perfect landing spot as the oils get easily absorbed.

Cleaning them will freshen up the air as the smell of stale oil often sticks around in the material. Give them a wash in the hottest water recommended for the type of material to get all of the greases out of it.

Once they are taken down, take the opportunity to also wash the grease off of the window sill and even the screen over the window.