How to Choose the Himalaya iPhone Case

The modern fashion industry highly appreciates quality leather products, especially those made from crocodile skin. Stylish accessories made of natural material always speak of the good taste of their owner.

How to Choose the Himalaya iPhone Case

Supply increases as awareness and demand rise. The market was flooded with low-quality fakes, given out by unscrupulous sellers for the skin of exotic animals. There are also quite skillful imitations that are really hard to distinguish from the original. So, how not to make a mistake when choosing a protective Himalaya iPhone 14 case to give money for a really worthwhile thing?

Characteristics and features of the material

The value of this type of material is easily explained. To begin with, the crocodile possesses strong skin that is difficult to pierce, tear, or scrape. Leather is quite plastic. The appropriate preparation of the material is another challenging endeavor. Masters strictly adhere to the technology of processing and dressing skins to preserve all the positive qualities of the material as much as possible.

Due to high wear resistance, crocodile leather accessories last for decades. Protective covers made of this material do not tear bend, scratch, or lose their shape. Accessories retain their attractive appearance for a long time, which quickly justifies their relatively high cost.

The head, tail, and dorsal parts of the skin have a characteristic bumpy surface relief. Absolutely all parts are used in production, even small pieces of expensive material.

The most valuable is the abdominal part. The pattern on the belly has the most regular geometry; it is softer and more plastic. This section is ideal for sewing accessories.

Differences between genuine leather and imitation

Before purchasing an accessory made of crocodile leather, keep in mind that such a thing cannot be inexpensive. For obvious reasons, most often, they try to imitate the abdominal part of the crocodile skin. Even in this area, there are variations in the diameters of the scales. There are no imitations of real leather anywhere. And fakes have the same relief print, repeated at regular intervals.

Another difference is the presence of undeveloped horny growths in the corners of the scales. No stamping machine can replicate this effect.

What should you pay attention to when choosing accessories?

Products from the abdominal part of the skin are many times more expensive than other parts. If the price tag differs a little, and the seller continues to insist on naturalness, you should have doubts.

If when pressing with a fingernail on the tubercles or scales, a trace remains on them, know that this is fake in front of you. The crocodile skin is so durable that armor was made from it in ancient times. And you won’t break the relief of the leather with a fingernail.

When buying online, avoid questionable pages. Safer not be lazy and look for more credible resources. Give preference to well-known, long-existing sites with a good reputation and positive customer reviews.

Crocodile skin phone case

The basis of such a cover is plastic covered with leather. Due to the thinness and lightness of the materials, the case does not weigh down the device. Such protection for the phone has a long service life and maintains the excellent appearance of the gadget.

The brand offers different types of covers, including slip, book, and flip cases. Any of them will reliably protect the fragile device from falling and impact. The slipcase is an accessory with partial protection for the phone, but it is the most popular type due to its ease of use. Cases book and flip cover all sides of the device.

On the site, you can find a stylish crocodile skin smartphone case that will fully meet all your expectations. The company offers high-quality service, a guarantee for the entire range, and timely delivery.