Top Certifications to build a Career in Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse

Web3's irrational excitement has been picking up steam, spawning fresh ideas that have the potential to transform the field of technology. It is fundamentally altering how people utilize the internet. Therefore, it unmistakably suggests that persons working in technology may shift occupations. 

Decentralization is the solution offered by Web3 to many conventional internet usage drawbacks. However, because Web3 and related technologies are still relatively new, many individuals are unclear as to what it actually entails. You can lay the groundwork for a career in technologies like Web3, Blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse, with the aid of a comprehensive review of their foundations. 

Top Certifications to build a Career in Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse

Essentially, all major latest technologies like Blockchain, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), and Metaverse, among others, are all part of the Web3 concept. In the upcoming years, Web3 career prospects will predominate any other sector of jobs within professional domains.

The present blog will act as a career guide for job seekers who wish to build their careers in the domains of Web3, Blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse. Additionally, we will break down each job opportunity and list the top certifications that you may obtain to enhance your professional standing in these fields.

Top Certifications


  • Certified Web3 Game Developer 

Web3 gaming is a decentralized gaming ecosystem in which there is no single central authority over asset ownership or decision-making. Blockchain technology is incorporated into the game environment to create web3 games. Blockchain Council’s Web3 game developer certification focuses on the core components of Play-to-Earn game design, blockchain integration, as well as the creation and implementation of smart contracts. You will learn in-depth about Web3 architecture and how to deploy games in Web3 as part of this certification. 

  • Certified Web3 Expert 

You will learn about numerous Web3 technologies and their developing market through the Web3 expert certification. It is expertly crafted by combining five of our most important Web3 certifications: Certified Blockchain Expert, Certified Ethereum Expert, Certified NFT Expert, Certified Metaverse Expert, and Certified Mixed Reality Expert. You will be awarded the aforementioned five certificates along with a sixth "Certified Web3 ExpertTM" certification upon completion. 

These Web3 certifications can provide you with some of the most fabulous and well-paid jobs in the international market. Example jobs that you can get through these certificates include roles such as Web3 Developer, Blockchain Developer, Web3 Technical Writer, Community Manager, etc.


  • Certified Blockchain Developer

Blockchain undoubtedly provides tech enthusiasts with a variety of opportunities. A deeper grasp of blockchains and more clarity on the fundamental blockchain ideas are the goals of the Blockchain Developer certification. This systematic and comprehensive exam-based training program aims to offer learners a good understanding of the blockchain development environment. 

  • Certified Blockchain Expert

You will be introduced to the numerous sides of Blockchain technology and the industry that is developing around it through the Blockchain Expert certification. Your grasp of business applications based on blockchain technology will benefit from the certification. The many Blockchain technology components and how they relate to business imperatives will be covered in detail in this training program. 

  • Certified Ethereum Developer

With extensive knowledge of both the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Ethereum, a developer is completely prepared with the abilities needed to succeed in the world of blockchain networks. By obtaining this certification, you will be eligible to work as an Ethereum developer, a position that is now in high demand in the global labor market. 

  • Certified Smart Contract Developer

A Certified Smart Contract Developer is a knowledgeable expert who knows what Smart Contracts are and how to build them effectively for any Blockchain platform. This extensive exam-based training program will provide job seekers with proof of understanding of the blockchain industry. Upon completion, you will be eligible to work as a smart contract developer, which is one of the most highly sought-after skills on the worldwide Web3 job market. 

Gaining any of the above-mentioned certifications will offer some of the best-in-class job opportunities in the international market. Best career opportunities and roles include Blockchain Developer, dApps Developer, Product Manager, and lots others!


  • Certified NFT Developer

In the modern digital environment, NFTs are rising in popularity at the same rate as cryptocurrencies. The NFT Developer certification will provide you with a greater understanding of NFTs and their development and will aid you in developing your own NFT projects. This certification seeks to establish and enforce minimum standards for NFT developers with expertise in enterprise development strategies. With the help of this certification, you'll be able to develop NFT-based systems for organizations and corporations while also acquiring broad skills and an understanding of the NFT domain. 

  • Certified NFT Expert

The NFT Expert program is built to address all currently known facets of Non-Fungible Tokens relative to Ethereum and other Blockchain environments. This certification's main goal is to make NFT principles understandable to people who have little to no prior knowledge of Blockchain technology. This thorough exam-based certification will validate your knowledge and help you better grasp how Ethereum and Non-Fungible Tokens operate. You will be able to understand how NFTs and NFT tradable platforms function and how you can leverage the bubbling frenzy to generate business and/or income opportunities. 

Learning about NFTs and fetching yourself a certification can open new doors for you in terms of some lucrative career opportunities such as NFT Artist, Community Manager, Marketing & PR Management, and likewise roles!


  • Certified Metaverse Developer

The Metaverse's future appears to mimic the real world in more ways than one with the development of enabling technology. Major corporations' involvement in the Metaverse suggests that there are more lucrative career options now. You will learn how to create and build blockchain- and Metaverse-based applications with the aid of this certification, which will also help you comprehend the features and operations of Metaverse. You will benefit from having a greater understanding of how various technologies and tools in Metaverse work if you become a Metaverse Developer. 

  • Certified Metaverse Expert

Users can interact with each other, with avatars, and with computer-generated items in the shared, online 3D environment known as Metaverse. The Metaverse gives up a whole new range of business opportunities, such as virtual music festivals and NFT-based goods, to mention a couple. Many huge tech corporations are already leaping into the field of Metaverse due to its enormous potential to enhance the digital world. Techies and those that desire to develop their talents in this environment are needed in the virtual reality world.

The Metaverse Expert program seeks to provide you with a better knowledge of the Metaverse and give you a sneak peek at the Web's future and how we'll interact with it. You will get a big advantage in the rapidly developing digital world if you successfully complete this certification since it will help you understand Metaverse more thoroughly. 

  • Certified Mixed Reality Expert

Thanks to the ongoing development of technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, the current digital world is, without a doubt, extraordinary and expanding to its maximum potential. The term "mixed reality" refers to the blending of the physical and digital realms to produce fresh interactive environments and visualizations where real-world and digital things can co-exist and communicate in the present. Beyond the core components for which it is best known and for which it is composed, this technology has a vast array of other features.

The Mixed Reality Expert certification seeks to provide advanced expertise in the area of mixed reality, which mixes augmented reality and virtual reality. This certification focuses on teaching AR, VR, and MR development methodologies together with its architecture and real-world examples to comprehend mixed reality concepts. certification

Obtaining a Metaverse certification can open up some of the top career prospects on the global market. You can easily get hired for roles like AR/VR Software Engineers, Metaverse Marketing Specialists, 3D Game Developers, Gamification Strategists, and lots more!


Supporters anticipate that Web3 will disperse power away from internet gatekeepers and offer users and developers more control over their data. This way of thinking has helped to foster an environment where tech enthusiasts, businesspeople, governments, and corporations are more inclined to embrace the craze of Web3 and related technologies. Digital avatars, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications are just a few of the emerging technologies that are combined in Web3. As with any flood of new technology, there is a requirement for fresh talent and abilities. The Web3 community is constantly expanding and producing learner-friendly materials for programmers of all skill levels. We at Blockchain Council seek to do the same, i.e., to disperse quality education related to Blockchain among the masses to enhance the unified knowledge of the world learner communities. Visit our website today, check out  50+ expertly curated certification and enroll yourself.