How to Record Cinematic Videos on iPhone

Being an iPhone user feels amazing, and clicking photos and recording your videos on iPhone gives you an amazing pleasure. You can record Cinematic videos on your iPhone and share that cinematic videos of yours with others and can achieve a lot of praise from them.

How to Record Cinematic Videos on iPhone

In this article we will discuss that what is meant by cinematic videos and how to record cinematic videos on iPhone in easiest way and use technology for best of your experience.

How to Record Cinematic Videos on iPhone

Before discussing the method to record cinematic videos on iPhone, let's discuss what is the meaning of cinematic videos? 

So, cinematic videos mode means the portrait mode of video, the video you are going to record as a cinematic video will focus on your main subject and the background scenery gets in to depth. You may also choose to give a blurry background and foreground to your video to give your video a movie-like feel.

Record Cinematic Videos on iPhone

To record cinematic videos on your iPhone 13 series and above follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone open the Camera App.
  2. Now, switch to the Cinematic Mode.
  3. From the top of your phone screen, tap the Arrow icon.
  4. To control the field of depth of any subject in your video, tap the ƒ  button.
  5. To adjust the exposure based on on the lighting conditions, tap the ± button.
  6. After making adjustment in controls, tap the Red Start Button to record videos in cinematic mode on your iPhone.

So, this was a guide about how to record Cinematic Videos on iPhone in simple and easy way and make your experience of recording videos amazing.

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