10 Best Facebook Analytics Tools

Marketing success depends on having access to the appropriate Facebook analytics tools. You are promoting only if you are monitoring your results. 

10 Best Facebook Analytics Tools

Using only a Facebook analytics tool, you may analyze your audience's demographics, the efficacy of your postings and advertisements, your engagement metrics, and more. 

Finding the right Facebook analytics solution for your team, though, can be challenging. Particularly since that Facebook discontinued its standalone analytics product in 2021. An extensive digital marketing course will help you to learn Facebook analytics thoroughly.

This article will detail the 10 best Facebook analytics tools you may use to evaluate your success. including a few programmes that are great for tracking your Facebook advertisements, as well as paid, free, and other resources.

1) Sprout Social

With the help of the all-in-one social media management platform Sprout Social, businesses can plan, organize, manage, and keep an eye on their social media material.

Although Sprout may be used with almost any social networking site, today we're talking about Facebook, and Sprout's Facebook analytics capabilities are really helpful.

Users may receive a thorough overview of their Facebook Business Pages using Sprout Social's Facebook analytics features. You can view your total impressions, number of clicks, engagements, audience growth, and more in a flash. 

Additionally, you can examine audience demographics to ensure that you are focusing on the proper audience.


  • Graphs that are colourful and simple to read that show you how Facebook is performing immediately
  • You can view competitor reports to see how your Facebook stacks up against the competition.
  • The capacity to tag information that is associated with particular campaigns so that campaign success may be measured

2) SocialPilot

A social media marketing tool called SocialPilot offers features including publishing, scheduling, content curation, teamwork, managing Facebook ads, and of course, Facebook analytics.

SocialPilot provides a 14-day free trial so that businesses can try out the tool's functionality before making a commitment.


  • Learn more about your finest Facebook material so you can produce more of it.
  • Based on the data you have had about your intended audience, choose when to post.
  • assemble thorough PDF reports of your Facebook statistics to provide to your group or clients.

3) Keyhole

An analytics-only social media management tool is called Keyhole. 

They offer analytics for a range of platforms, including Facebook, in order to let brands fully analyze their online presence. 

Keyhole offers many great options for companies looking to get a complete picture of their Facebook activity, including competitor analysis, campaign monitoring, hashtag analytics, and influencer tracking.


  • Facebook automated reports that make performance monitoring as simple as possible.
  • You can use hashtag tracking to get data regarding the success of your hashtag campaigns.
  • You can assess your success in relation to that of your competitors using account tracking and profile information. 

4) Rival IQ

RivalIQ is another social networking site with an analytics emphasis.  

Businesses may monitor a range of websites with the use of their programme, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

The best thing is that brands looking to monitor their social media analytics on a budget can take advantage of a number of RivalIQ's free products.


  • Free head-to-head analyses that compare you to your main rival on any specific platform
  • Machine learning explains why competitors' reach might have increased.

5) Brand24

Brand24 is a media monitoring tool with strong analytics. It keeps track of the entire Internet and searches for the keywords you supply. 

The application provides metrics to aid in evaluating the effectiveness of tracked keywords. This information can be applied 


  • Graph showing conversation volume that shows you when your brand name is used most frequently
  • Mention the metrics that allow you to determine which accounts are mentioning your company.
  • Sentiment analysis to assist you in assessing the general attitudes around your brand name

6) Oktopost

A B2B social media engagement platform with a variety of practical social media management features is called Oktopost. Due to its focus on the B2B sector, Oktopost is distinctive.


  • Customizable dashboards with various chart kinds can assist your team sees your outcomes.
  • Insights on your customers' social media and other online behaviour.
  • Audience insights include demographics, brand mentions, and follower growth.

7) Facebook Insights

Facebook no longer offers independent analytics, however, your Facebook Business Page still has a Facebook Insights component that is entirely free. 

You are able to get a very high-level summary of how well all of your Facebook postings are performing. 

To view your Facebook Insights, go to your business profile and scroll down until you see Insights in the left sidebar.


  • An instant page report that provides information about how your Page has performed over the past week or month.
  • To make sure you're focusing on the proper audience and to decide when to post, use page follower insights.
  • You can use the 13+ categories of insights to understand better how your Facebook Page is performing.

8) Meta Business Suite

One can oversee all of your marketing and advertising efforts on Facebook and Instagram from one location with Meta Business Suite. It emphasizes solutions that let you interact with customers across all apps and improve business outcomes.


  • This tool allows you to publish feed posts and stories for both Facebook and Instagram without switching accounts. 
  • Create automated responses for quicker responses while reading and responding to messages and comments from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in one location. 
  • Created ad. By creating a Facebook or Instagram ad or boosting a post, you can lead more people who interact directly with your company.

9) Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Advertisements Manager should be your first choice if you're running Facebook ads and searching for a means to keep track of them. 

Here, you may gain in-depth insights regarding the effectiveness of your ads and determine whether any changes are necessary to ensure their success.

Furthermore, it is an entirely free tool (aside from the ad spend).


  • Performance graphs that show you how well and how many people your advertisement is reaching
  • Look at insights for your campaign, ad set, and individual ad to learn more about the specifics of your ad performance.

10) AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a social media platform developed specifically to assist you to increase the efficacy of your social media marketing. 

You can easily gain valuable insights about how to build and market the finest advertising for your brand with tools that assist with Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.


  • With bird's-eye-view reports, you can quickly analyze the performance of your advertising efforts.
  • Grab reports for your ad performance quickly and easily with automated PDF reporting.
  • Tagging features that let you track many campaigns at once


Data is necessary to expand any business. That can be aided by Facebook analytics reporting tools, which is good. Select the best reporting tool for your objectives to advance your company. Use data to your advantage by analyzing what has previously worked and what hasn't, measuring outcomes, and developing more effective techniques.

Of course, tools like historical and real-time data, visualization components, and interactive dashboards are useful to agencies. These tools ought to be available to every marketing agency so they may monitor the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.