6 Features You Need to Know About Sharepoint

Businesses daily have to manage the different components that work together. Enterprises must manage content, documents, knowledge, and projects well to achieve desired success.

6 Features You Need to Know About Sharepoint

Each of these components usually requires standalone software and processes. Managing these segmentations with standalone software makes it difficult to keep track of data. Because of this, many enterprises today use productivity tools such as SharePoint to keep track of everything and automate their business processes.

But what is it and how do you benefit from it? This article will explain what SharePoint is and list some features you need to know about this software.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a cloud-based business collaboration platform developed by Microsoft for collaboration and document management. Business reports, documents, and other content can be assigned and managed on a single platform.

SharePoint aims to make remote team collaboration productive with social features and file-sharing functionalities. It can be used as an extranet or intranet, collaboration software, and a document management system.

MS SharePoint is available as SharePoint On-Premise - where data is stored on the business's local network and SharePoint Online - where data is stored on the cloud. SharePoint online is the most used among both.

Features You Can Learn on SharePoint Training Courses

Sharepoint has so many uses and features. Beginners might need adequate SharePoint training to become confident users and make the most out of the software. Here are some of the most important features you can learn.

1. Easy Customizations

On Microsoft SharePoint Online, you can always keep the platform's default settings or customize them to meet your needs. SharePoint empowers you to customize every feature to best suit your business needs. This means you can customize the interface to maintain your brand's consistency and add features that are needed.

Sharepoint can be customized to a look and feel that fits the business needs. Instead of using the default look and features, the majority prefers maintaining a particular style and theme across all that pertains to the business. You can customize the interface and easily change the colors, fonts, background images, and layout of the site to create the best SharePoint site needed for your business.

Beyond that, advanced customization of SharePoint solutions can be done using Microsoft's SharePoint Framework (SPFx). This model provides client-side support for integration with the software’s data and open-source tools. In simpler terms, developers can access deeper.

SharePoint customization levels using this model and changing more complex parts to make a more personalized fit. It supports any JavaScript platform, so developers working on SharePoint projects work in a preferred environment. 

With SPFx, a developer can easily use popular web technologies and utilities to create standard mobile web apps and customize the various elements of your SharePoint pages.

2. Enhanced Data Security

Security is very important when it comes to data sharing. While it is nice to be able to put everyone in the loop, you want to make sure some information gets to the right person, especially if you are dealing with raw data.

SharePoint Online has authentication enhancement, and workflow upgrade features to prevent unauthorized SharePoint login or access. It secures apps and data by encrypting and limiting access to data through identities with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory, is a part of Microsoft Entra, a family of products for managing identity and access capability. Azure AD functions as an identity service for the enterprise. And it guards against cyber security attacks by providing single sign-on, conditional access, and multi-factor authentication.

Different customization options can be configured to control who can share and receive shared data, data storage, and auditing control.

3. Web Analytics

6 Features You Need to Know About Sharepoint

Usage data on SharePoint online can be easily analyzed using the built-in site usage reports available in the admin center on the platform. Interactions with the site can easily be analyzed using this data. You can find out which items are viewed the most, which users are most active, and other details necessary to measure business impact.

4. Easy Integration with Apps

One of the important features of SharePoint online is the ability to integrate with multiple apps. SharePoint alone might not be able to meet your business's needs. There is also a need to interact with the data stored on the platform. More functionality is added to your SharePoint office by integrating other apps with it so employees can use it on the platform.

Microsoft SharePoint integrates easily with other Microsoft office 365 apps, such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Office Suite, MS PowerPoint, etc., and other third-party applications. It offers a powerful collection of APIs, so you can integrate apps that meet your fancy to optimize work processes.

Because SharePoint also supports integration with third-party apps, you can also employ third-party solutions for web analytics.

5. Remote Document Management

6 Features You Need to Know About Sharepoint

With a cloud storage service, SharePoint makes data flow easily across collaborating teams. Employees can create and share on the cloud. These documents can also be accessed remotely and edited by other employees who have access. This enables multiple employees to be able to work on the same document remotely.

Document accessibility can be customized to control who can access and who can make edits. You can also see details about changes made to a document, who, and when.

SharePoint is not compatible with only Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer but also works well on other browsers, even on mobile. This makes collaboration possible from any location and at any time.

6. Content Management and Sharing

SharePoint built-in social media networking functionalities for sharing content on the intranet, social media platforms, and websites. With digital media, web content, recording, and document management features, you can create, edit and share content. They can also be scheduled for publishing later.


As mentioned above, these are just a few of the SharePoint features. Many others and new updates are being added from time to time. Regardless they all work together to make it a unique collaborative tool.

To fully take advantage of the SharePoint office, having a basic knowledge of how to use it is important for all team members. A good SharePoint training course will do a lot of good, to begin with.