6 Most unique chandeliers that will elevate your home's interior

What is grand, looks royal, and lights up any room well? Well, no points for guessing; it's chandeliers. Chandeliers are statement light fixtures with their name originating from candelabra or chandelle, French for candles. And now, it has evolved into the modern versions that people use to light up their rooms, living areas, or even the backyard.

6 Most unique chandeliers that will elevate your home's interior

These light fixtures can elevate the interiors of a house or apartment tenfold. Often chandeliers are the only thing you need to invest in for an incredible interior. Yes, light in a house is the best way to make the place look awesome, and chandeliers are the way to go.

Unsure what types of chandeliers will go with homes or apartments? Can't decide whether to go for traditional and modern crystal chandeliers or something a little more bespoke to match your furniture and walls? This article has got you covered. Here are a few unique chandeliers to use in your home interiors.

Wagon wheel

If you are looking for a chandelier for narrow passageways or foyers, a wagon wheel chandelier is perfect to put in your home. The wagon wheel is a wood chandelier with faux metal in a vintage finish. It is ideal for a blue or gray color scheme. If you use this chandelier in your passageway, use yellow bulbs.

The golden shower chandelier 

For a contemporary living room, go with a golden shower chandelier with spangled lights. In this, the lights fall from the ceiling, making it look elegant. For a modern d├ęcor, this type of chandelier is perfect, as it illuminates the area elegantly while also becoming the center of attention in your home.

The spotlight chandelier

Another chandelier that goes well with the contemporary interior style is the spotlight one. If your room has multiple wall accents, go with this as it is minimal and, with a neutral shade, its metallic glow is just the best.

Spotlight chandeliers are also good for staircases, as they illuminate them well, ensuring there are no injuries. Often, people use spotlight chandeliers in their kitchen to illuminate a specific area or place, like countertops. However, using them in the bedroom has recently become a viable option.

Rope Racoon chandelier

Match your rugged brick walls with a rope raccoon chandelier, which goes perfectly for the kitchen's dining area. It hangs from the ceiling as a statement piece. You can find them in both vintage and contemporary designs, so buy the one that matches your home's interior.

Candle chandelier

Candle chandeliers are whimsical and graceful. They are ideal for use in a home because they provide a romantic atmosphere. As per your taste, you can go with a minimal candle chandelier or one that looks heavy for a royal look.

Victorian Candelabra

It is a classical and traditional lighting fixture, as well as a candle holder, as was common in Victorian times. Even though it's grand, it doesn't illuminate the entire room but will light up the place it's hanging over. It looks perfect with a red or brown interior. It is the ideal chandelier for a vintage look.

Do's and don'ts of buying a chandelier.


  • If you are hanging it over a table, such as the dining or coffee table, center it on the table rather than the room.
  • A chandelier isn't going to be the only source of light in a room. Thus, you should place a dimmer in the room, so you can control the amount of light to help set the room's mood accordingly.


  • Don't put the chandelier too high on the ceiling. It's a common mistake that just doesn't work in any setting. That's why taking proper measurements before buying a chandelier is so important.
  • Under no circumstances should you purchase a chandelier that does not complement the house's interior, theme, or style. Otherwise, it will ruin the entire design instead of elevating the place.

All these options are perfect for becoming part of your interior. However, which one you pick will depend on the theme of the room, the room itself, the price, your design preference, and more. So, now is the time to use the above guide to find the best chandelier for your home.