Rid Yourself of Zits As You Sleep With the Humble Spot Patch

Getting rid of spots can be a real drag sometimes, right? Pimples, blackheads and all those other kinds of zits can break at any point and become infected when they do. However, we're here to tell you that this is the time to reach for acne spot patch products. 

Rid Yourself of Zits As You Sleep With the Humble Spot Patch

Ok, so zits aren't the end of the world, but they can be extremely irritating and damage both your confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, they're easier than you might think to protect at night and during the day. 

What Are Spot Patch Products Exactly?

Also referred to as acne-healing patches and hydrocolloid patches, spot patches are small circular transparent stickers which look a bit like tiny plasters. They're applied over individual spots, protecting them from the outside world while also working to draw out the gunk that's inside. 

You don't necessarily have to wait for the spot to erupt, though, as they can be just as effective on pimples that are forming under the skin's surface. 

So, What's the Active Ingredient?

Your common or garden spot patch will typically be available in two different types; those with active ingredients and those without. Many brands only consist of a basic hydrocolloid dressing that contains no active ingredients, so will only provide protection.

However, when looking at major brands like PanOxyl, you'll find an ingredient - like salicylic acid - that actively draws out the stuff inside, helping things to dry up nicely. 

Do They Work On All Types of Acne?

Sadly not. Spot patches are pretty amazing, but even they have some limitations. You see, some forms of cystic acne, e.g. papules and pustules, exist mainly below the surface of the skin. It's only when the spot is about to break the surface that there’s any point in using anything to control it. 

If you were to place hydrocolloid patches over a spot that's not close to breaking the surface, it's not going to do an awful lot. 

Great For Preventing Night Picking 

As much as you may be able to resist picking your zits when you're away, there's not a lot you can do about the problem when you're asleep. Unconscious scratching is a common way to spread acne, be it on the face, shoulders or torso. 

However, spot patches stop you from picking when you're snoozing, too, meaning your sleeping mind won't be able to get to the spot and cause damage. 

Do Your Acne a Favor & Buy Spot Patch Products 

You're not going to beat acne with spot patches alone, but they are going to offer you benefits that wouldn't otherwise get to enjoy. They complement other acne products very well and ensure that your skincare routine isn't undone every time you go to bed.

All in all, they're a great accompanying product that is able to actively slow down the spread of P Acnes bacteria like so many do as they slumber. Picking is one of the primary ways this kind of bacteria is spread to other areas of the body, so anything that stops you from doing so is going to be welcome. 

So, do yourself a favor and buy some today. Combined with benzoyl peroxide, they could represent your key to blemish-free skin!