Animals with Secret Skills

Occasionally, we run into animals with secret skills. These animals are usually so amazing that it seems they are supernatural. The funny thing is that most of these critters are quite humble to even boast about their unique abilities. Here’s a look at ten animals with remarkable skills.

Animals with Secret Skills

Wood Frog

The wood frog has a strange ability to hibernate during winter and return to life in the spring. It freezes to death during winter to survive the harsh weather conditions. The wood frog originates from North America, where it hibernates to death for up to seven months. Biologically, this frog dies for a while and returns to life when warm weather returns.


As strange as it sounds, snakes move too fast. Snakes strike their prey at the speed of 40 milliseconds. On average, it takes humans about 100 milliseconds to blink. That proves to you how fast snakes are. By the time you blink, a snake has bitten you twice already.

Addax Antelope

The addax antelope changes color with the changing seasons. It’s grayish-brown during winter and turns white in the summer. This antelope is white in the summer to help it cope with the high temperatures. On the other hand, it’s grayish-brown in winter to maintain its warmth.

Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are cute critters and have gained popularity over the last few years. They look like rodents but differ since they are small marsupials closely related to koalas and kangaroos. These small creatures have big eyes that help them to see in the dark. While they are “gliders” because they can’t fly, they can fly when trained.


Meerkats are also adorable creatures and are usually admired for the black circles around their eyes. Surprisingly, the black circles help them to stare directly at the sun. These circles act like built-in sunglasses. It’s a powerful feature that helps them to see far distances.


One look at hippos, and you’ll think they have applied sunscreen on their skin. However, these animals secrete their own oil that helps to cool their bodies. The secreted oil also serves as an antibiotic.


What if you had the power to return to your childhood? While this sounds impossible, jellyfish can revert to when they were young. They can do this for as long as possible but will die due to climate issues, predators, and diseases.


Did you know hummingbirds can propel their wings in a full circle? Well, it’s a unique aspect that helps them to fly in all directions or hover in the air.

Dolphins and Whales

If you’ve seen dolphins up close, then you know it’s difficult to sneak up on these guys. Turns out it’s the same thing with whales. These animals sleep with one eye open to ensure they monitor their surroundings.


Forget about how good parrots can mimic sounds. Lyrebirds can even mimic the sounds of human voices, car engines, chainsaws, and more.

Which animal do you find interesting from this list? Which ones have you interacted with to notice their remarkable skills? We’d love to know more about your experience with these fantastic creatures.