Email Verification: Force Emails to Sell Effectively

Email marketing is still in flux. Companies continue to send informational and promotional emails to their customers, getting a loyal audience and the desired conversion rate. However, the fact is that not all consumers continue to use their email box, and some, from the very beginning, indicate a temporary email. Also, some of them have a special address for registration on websites, so not all letters find their respondents, and the percentage of delivery and opening of messages decreases. That is why it is so important to conduct email verification from time to time and immediately filter out invalid addresses.

Email Verification: Force Emails to Sell Effectively

Why is it so critical to monitor the relevance of the database of email addresses?

It may seem like a lot of trouble to check the relevance and availability of your followers. However, there are several important points:

  • According to research, about 60% of customers indicate invalid addresses or stop using their email boxes, so they become inactive. These people will never become your customers.
  • A low percentage of email delivery and opening lowers the company's rating, so mailing services such as MailChimp may qualify your actions as low-performance.
  • Marketing costs go up because you pay for every email you send, whether it's delivered or not.
  • Mail systems analyze the quality of the mailing, and if most of your letters do not find their addresses, others are more likely to end up in the “Spam” folder.

It is significant to check your database regularly to avoid losses, waste time, and make fewer mistakes.

What is email verification?

In our blog, we explain in detail what email verification is and give even more reasons why it is so important to do it. Today, we will focus on how exactly this procedure takes place.

A special program is required to thoroughly check e-mail. You upload your database there and get detailed analysis and tools for ranking potential customers. Such a check allows you to get the most useful information:

  • Subscriber status (valid or invalid address);
  • Getting letters to the spam folder;
  • Identifying whether the email is role-based or one-time;
  • Email age and other essential factors.

Clear your list of emails that won't do you any good. This will have a positive impact on your marketing as a whole, because you will focus on more accurate data, spending less effort and money. Your statistics will reflect the real state of affairs, so you are more likely to make the right conclusions about the effectiveness of your email campaign.

The percentage of open letters will increase thanks to careful data hygiene, so your indicators will be reliable. In this way, you will know exactly which mailings to optimize and make them as interesting and useful as possible for your existing or potential customers.

Do these checks every few months, and you will achieve much better results!