How to Find Public Auto Auctions Near Me?

There are a lot of benefits to buying a car at an online car auction. Between saving money on the price and having a wide selection of auction cars to choose from, you might even be able to buy your car from insurance auto auctions like SCA Auctions. They give you direct access to cheap cars for sale. Because SCA Auctions is 100-percent online, you won’t have to drive anywhere to find car auctions near you. Instead, these auctions will come to you online!

How to Find Public Auto Auctions Near Me?

Finding Auto Auctions Near You

For anyone who wants to attend in-person auctions, these are some of the many ways that you can find public auto auctions near your home:

Classified Ads – When the local, state, or federal government sells their surplus vehicles, equipment, or other cars or trucks like impound vehicles, they must notify the public by taking out a legal notice in the local newspaper. Finance companies and banks also run lists of repossessed vehicles that they are selling at auction. The legal notices are usually in the classified ad section and depending upon the newspaper, the legal notices may be replicated online in their e-edition. Newspapers are still a great way to find local auctions.

Online Searches – Like everything else you search for, online searches will yield large results for auctions. Mixed within the local results, you will find online auto auctions, such as SCA, Mecum, Barrett-Jackson, Capital, IAAI, and Direct Auto, to name a few. You can also check reviews when you search online. Reviews can give you an idea of what problems and perks there may be with local in-person auto auctions.

Chamber of Commerce – The Chamber of Commerce in your town has a list of its members, so you may find an auction site that is closer than you think. Chamber members are normally involved in your community, so you can help support the local businesses by using their services.

Magazines – Whether it is a car magazine or a small newspaper-like publication, you may be able to find local auto auctions with photos of cars that they will have for sale soon.

Zip Code Search – Some online auto auction sites let you search for local auctions by using your zip code as the search parameter. This is helpful if you are buying online and want to have the vehicle transported to your home, so you can plan trucking expenses.

Government Sites – Because the government is vast, the number of legal ads you may see for local auctions may not be all of their ongoing auctions. By looking at a government surplus site, you will see more of what they have to sell to the public. You might even find land for sale. The government has a wide variety of things that they sell.

In addition to local auto auctions, there are always online car auctions where you will find everything from RVs to ATVs to heavy equipment. They are not just for cars, but most of the online auto auctions across the United States offer auto salvage title cars and other cheap cars. You never know where you will find your next big deal.

Online Auto Auctions 

Here are a few places to start looking for your next car:

SCA Auctions

SCA Auctions is home to more than 300,000 cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles up for auction. They are open to the public and a 100-percent online auto auction. You can bid from the comfort of your own home while getting the same wholesale pricing that car dealers enjoy. 


Manheim began in 1945 in Manheim, PA, and has gone on to partner with Cox Automotive brand. In 1959, they were the world’s largest auto auction. Today, they have many locations around the United States and offer internet auctions as well. They are a dealer-only auction and not open to the public.

Skipco Auto Auction

Skipco Auto Auction has been serving the Ohio area since 1978 and is considered the premier public auto auction in Ohio. They are located in Canal Fulton, OH, where they have a 12,000 square-foot auction facility. They have four lanes and run actions weekly. Both dealers and the public are welcome.

Norwalk Auto Auction

Norwalk Auto Auction is located in Norwalk, CA, where they run dealer-only auctions. Once a month they host a government surplus auction that is open to the public.

There you have it! Whether you decide to buy your next vehicle at a public auction near you or use one of the online auction sites, you are sure to find a wide variety of vehicles to choose from.