How to Share Spotify Premium with your Family

Technology has changed the way people used to entertain themselves and when it is about music and songs now we are facilitated by Spotify. Spotify lets you to entertain yourself or to choose to entertain yourself and your family at a time.

How to Share Spotify Premium with your Family

You may set up Spotify Premium plan and share this plan with five family members, it will also let you people to be free from setting up a separate plan for each family member. In this article we will discuss how to share Spotify Premium with your family.

How to Share Spotify Premium with your Family

Here you may find the the method to share Spotify Premium with your family and friends.

Steps to Share Spotify Premium 

Follow the steps given below to share Spotify Premium plan with others:

  1. On your device (iOS or Android) launch the Spotify app.
  2. Access your profile by tapping on the Settings Gear icon.
  3. Now in your profile tap on the Premium Plan if you have already a premium plan, if you don't have it, then switch to the Premium tab from the bottom navigation bar.
  4. Now, tap on the See Premium Plans. 
  5. Now choose Spotify premium family from the list. Here you will buy the premium family plan, because individual programs do not have the ability to share with other members separately.
  6. From the Family Premium plan, tap the Get Started button.
  7. Now, you may choose the tenure of your plan and start it after completing your payment.

Add or Remove any Member 

You may add or remove any member from your Premium plan by following this method:

  1. From the Settings Gear icon, go to your Account page.
  2. Now scroll down to Manage your family accounts.
  3. From there, you can tap the options to add or remove any member.
  4. Add any member by entering his/her email address, he/she will get the link and may join by logging in and confirming the full address.
  5. Remove any member, by clicking the member and make a click on the Remove from Plan button to confirm. The removed member will be notified.

So, this article was to help you to learn how you may share a Spotify Premium plan with your family and friends and how you may add or remove members from this plan.

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