Kitchen Nightmares: Best Gordon Ramsay Moments

Most of Gordon Ramsay's cooking shows feature the pinnacle of culinary achievement, showcasing both experienced chefs as well as novices honing their skills to become elite cooks. However, Kitchen Nightmares is an entirely different type of show that showcases the horror stories behind the food industry.

Kitchen Nightmares: Best Gordon Ramsay Moments
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Given the appalling circumstances and in contrast to the combative attitudes he encounters on this show, even Gordon Ramsay's caustic temperament seems entirely reasonable. Some episodes are endearing, while others are downright insane. These episodes are not suitable for people with sensitive stomachs because they showcase the worst of the worst.
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But there are rumors flying around that Kitchen Nightmares is scripted hence, completely fake! But Whaaaaat? Is Kitchen Nightmares fake? Read on, to know more!

Casa Roma: Season 3, Episode 7

This entire episode is about a mother-son team with no previous restaurant expertise trying to turn around a failing historic eatery. But while the bar is crowded with patrons, the restaurant itself is a whole other story. Food delivery waited longer than an hour, and when it did, Chef Ramsay was able to squeeze it like a sponge to release a gush of water and grease.

The highlight of the episode is that Chef Ramsay and the restaurant's chef have a lot of conflicts as the latter does not recognize Ramsay's success and uses the phrase "Well, what can you do?" in response to every issue. However, despite all of these conflicts, Chef Ramsay orders them to close the restaurant in the middle of service. And since these are some of the grossest items ever featured on Kitchen Nightmares, when he returns the next day to inspect the kitchen and toilets, it results in vomiting.

Nino’s Italian Restaurant: Season 6, Episode 10

One of the most heated debates ever on Kitchen Nightmares was brought on by Nino's oddities and belligerent demeanor. Due to Nino's bad administration, the family business is in danger of failing and he prefers to eat and converse with clients instead of trying to manage the restaurant, what’s more, he has a habit of announcing his name as if he's a superhero. 

Even though Nino claims to be cleaning frequently and discredits everything Ramsay says, the restaurant is actually a complete disaster. However, just as Nino begins to advocate for the restaurant and himself, a fight between him and his siblings and the cooks threatens to prolong the restaurant's woes. 

Sante Le Brea: Season 2, Episode 11

In this controversial episode, Chef Ramsay really feeds his supper to his neighbor's dog, to prove to everyone that when he says poor food is "a dog's dinner" it actually is just that! The restaurant is out of control with bad management, stale foods, a chef who never shows up and gets away with anything, and workers who are overly sweaty.

What's strange about this episode is that Gordon Ramsay not only gives a makeover to the restaurant but also calls the police to arrest the owner before dinner service to prove a point in addition to the customary menu changes. The episode gets even wilder when on launch night, a chef threatens to leave in the middle of service, while the owner alternated between being too passive to operate and being violently hostile with his workers, among other absurd moments.

Prohibition Grille: Season 6, Episode 14

Rishi, a professional belly dancer, tries to run the Prohibition Grille with the help of a lazy cook who has no understanding of what's going on in the kitchen and regular belly dancing performances.Even the servers of the restaurant won’t eat the food served in their own restaurant because they "know better," however, the owner Rishi still fails to understand why.

However weird the owner may be, viewers will have to feel bad for her when they discover how her head chef has taken advantage of her. The meats are all arriving undercooked, and almost everything was prepared a week before being served, even if it had gone bad. However, the chef of her restaurant has her rather convinced that she is nothing, an intervention for Chef Ramsay is what it took for her to realize the hard truth. While this episode may be bizarre, it is also very tragic.

Oceana: Season 4, Episode 14

We have nothing but to say EWWW to this episode, with roaches, bad food, and rats this restaurant is an abomination in itself.  Even though this New Orleans restaurant is in one of the top locations, the owners frequent disagreement on matters that could affect the establishment's success has really set the restaurant on its failing path. The cooks react angrily and humorously to Chef Ramsay's criticisms, and when he attempts to be honest with them, they lie back.

“Ain’t bad food. It’s bad opinions,” the chef states, unwilling to accept any form of criticism. When Gordon Ramsey speaks to him, one of the owners retorts, "Anyone talks like that, gets chopped up and fed to the alligators." Watch for the drama, but beware of taking this restaurant's portrayal in the episode too seriously—it has already been sued twice for how it was shown.

Burger Kitchen: Season 5, Episodes 5 and 6

A dad steals $250,000 from his son's inheritance so that he can start the restaurant of his dreams. And if that weren't horrible enough, he is ruining the eatery. But of course, it can’t all be his fault right? Because he’s sure Yelp has a plan to thwart his life's ambition.

But is he also aware that the ticketing system in his restaurant is a complete mess? And the food is frequently returned raw, and the chef is not permitted to alter the owners' recipes in any way. The clients and Chef Ramsey are left with poor food and a headache, but that's just the beginning of the craziness as the father rants at the son and the kid yells at the chef.

Mill Street Bistro: Season 6, Episodes 11 and 12

This owner/chef is adamant that his restaurant is the best in the country, and he is not going to allow anyone, including Chef Ramsay, convince him otherwise. While Gordon Ramsay had a fantastic time teasing the restaurant with the servers, the chef's demeanor was much more hostile.

When Chef Ramsay tries to explain everything to him, the owner refers to himself as Gordon Ramsey's twin, to which Chef Ramsay replies, "I can cook." Fans will not want to miss this episode, which features one of Hell's Kitchen's weirdest proprietors yet.

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