Gain Competitive Edge With DiSTI’s HMI Design Software Solutions For In-vehicle Infotainment

HMI and UI/UX Design Software Solutions are the bridges that consistently transform the relationship between humans and machines. Companies are finding effective ways to enhance user experiences with the help of creative and intuitive apps made using HMI software solutions. 

Gain Competitive Edge With DiSTI’s HMI Design Software Solutions For In-vehicle Infotainment

The DiSTI Corporation is the global provider of turn-key and customized HMI software that facilitates the development of UI/UX applications that seamlessly bring your ideas to life.

HMI Software Solutions For The Automotive Industry

Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions for the automotive industry comprise features and components of car hardware and software to facilitate seamless interaction between drivers and passengers with the vehicle and the outside environment. 

HMI software solutions enable operators and users to control systems and monitor activities. HMI software development offers real-time information about systems, including the impact of various activities on overall performance and output.

UI/UX Design Software entails a culmination of tasks designed to create an optimized interface design -  the aesthetics, feel, presentation, and overall interaction of an application to deliver a delightful user experience.

Automotive HMI solutions enhance the vehicle’s user experience by streamlining interaction using multi-touch dashboards, voice-enabled vehicle infotainment, control panels, built-in screens, and more features. HMI automobile solutions transform a vehicle into an ecosystem of interconnected parts that deliver a more personalized, safe, and adaptive driving experience.

In-vehicle Infotainment, also known as Automotive and Infotainment, has become an integral part of vehicle electronics. In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) includes hardware and software solutions for streaming audio and video, information, and entertainment within the vehicle using various onboard electronics and applications.

GL Studio® in Automotive

The DiSTI Corporation is a trusted solutions provider for global clients needing automotive HMI software and design solutions. Automotive industry leaders rely on DiSTI’s expertise to future-proof their User Interfaces and improve their training through DiSTI’s solutions.

DiSTI’s HMI solutions and training products currently power millions of cars and help train technicians and dealers worldwide. Automotive manufacturers depend on GL Studio®’s award-winning automotive UI development software.

The DiSTI Corporation’s HMI development software, GL Studio®, allows you to build endless possibilities, including:

  • Cockpit Instrumentation
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Instructor Operator Stations
  • Head-Up Displays
  • Safety-Critical Avionics
  • Animated Schematics
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • Symbology Overlays

HMI Development Tool

DiSTI’s leading HMI development tool, GL Studio®, offers unparalleled performance and prompt support, enabling designers and engineers to produce feature-rich, high-quality 3D embedded user interfaces.

Leveraging GL Studio®’s expertise allows users to produce high-quality gauges and controls within the automotive industry through one convenient platform. Designers and engineers can utilize GL Studio® to develop cutting-edge digital clusters, HUDs, and IVI solutions.

  • GL Studio® Benefits
  • 80% faster time to market
  • 60% less Central Processing Unit (CPU) utilization
  • 67% faster target deployment time
  • 500 milliseconds or less UI startup time
  • First to achieve ISO 26262-8:2018 ASIL D

Gain Competitive Edge With DiSTI’s HMI Design Software Solutions For In-vehicle Infotainment

HMI & UI/UX Design Software

The DiSTI Corporation’s embedded HMI systems design software allows you to upscale the user experience with high-quality design and high performance while reducing your production costs significantly.

With GL Studio®, you can gain an advantage over your competitors by delivering a 3D user experience that doesn’t compromise your flexibility and performance. GL Studio® natively supports numerous file formats, including 3ds Max, Photoshop, and .svg, delivering 100% correlation between concept and reality.

DiSTI’s HMI software solutions are modular and highly customizable. Performance, flexibility, fidelity, and reliability are the cornerstones of GL Studio®, allowing you to accommodate new requirements and technologies throughout the lifecycle of your product. GL Studio® facilitates the creation of impactful digital user experiences with a flexible and rapid user interface development process.

Customer Testimonials

Jaguar Land Rover

The leading automotive giant, Jaguar Land Rover, has featured DiSTI’s GL Studio® in their InControl® Touch Pro™ to minimize driver distraction and maximize the user experience. The goal behind this partnership between Jaguar and DiSTI was to create their InControl® Touch Pro™ infotainment and rear-seat entertainment system interfaces in-house. GL Studio® was chosen as the user interface layer for the unit and embedded into Jaguar’s touchscreen infotainment system.

Jaguar’s vision was to incorporate features in their InControl® Touch Pro™ that allow the users to manage functions such as climate control, audio, communications, and navigation. It also enables users to customize their home screen wallpaper and create personalized widgets.

Partnering with DiSTI allowed Jaguar to create the intuitive and straightforward InControl® Touch Pro™ featuring GL Studio® with abilities that will enable the touch screen display to respond to familiar ‘pinch to zoom’ and ‘swipe’ gestures maximizing the driver’s ease of use.

The InControl® Touch Pro™ has a highly responsive interface from GL Studio®’s native object code generation and the fastest runtime software in the industry, in addition to the unit Quad-Core Intel Processor and the 60GB SSD. The full-screen navigation display improves the line of sight to allow drivers to focus more on the road.

DiSTI worked with automotive industry leaders to deliver this revolutionary system. After a highly competitive yearlong evaluation process, Jaguar Land Rover adopted and standardized DiSTI’s GL Studio® toolkit for its unmatched performance, prompt support, and ability to produce feature-rich high-quality 3D embedded applications.

Strategically crafted to successfully meet or exceed internal design demands, Jaguar Land Rover implemented GL Studio® company-wide for all embedded HMI prototyping and production target infotainment systems.


DiSTI software products and professional services have pioneered the advancement of UIs and virtual maintenance training for Global 500 companies, military organizations, and commercial clientele worldwide.

Leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers use GL Studio® to create cutting-edge graphics for digital clusters, HUDs, and IVI solutions.

Inquire about our Automotive HMI software development solutions today to enhance your automotive developer tools.