5 Categories of Apps to Simplify Your Studying

Student’s life can be busy and fast-paced. There is always something to do and somewhere to be. Students don’t always have time to manage all the academic tasks. Naturally, one may ask to research paper writers for hire and get help at least with this academic.  

There is more than one way to ease students’ weekdays. Your smartphone may become a valuable tool in solving your academic challenges. There are several types of applications that can simplify your studying. They can make it more efficient and easier to approach. 

5 Categories of Apps to Simplify Your Studying

Grammar Correction 

Spending time on essays proofreading may feel like a chore. All the creative part of the task is done. Now you need to deal with the routine. Besides, you may feel tired after writing a long paper and miss the mistakes. In this case, grammar correctors become your best friend. 

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar correction applications on the market. The app will highlight all grammar and spelling mistakes, provide suggestions on corrections, and show you the overall mark for the text. 

Grammarly has free and premium versions. The free version of the app has all the necessary tools for making your writing good-looking. But, if you want to go above and beyond, the premium version of the app will help you to get better at writing in general. 

Outwrite is another great grammar checker. While Grammarly focuses on grammar, Outwrite analyzes your writing style. The app has a powerful built-in thesaurus. It allows Outwrite to provide insightful suggestions on synonyms. 

If you write a creative essay, Outwrite will help you make it look good. The program may suggest whole sentence rephrasing to make sure that it is easily readable. 

Hemingway App is another powerful style checker. This application can analyze the readability of your text, highlight the most complex sentences, and give suggestions on how to improve them. 

You can use these applications on different devices and even with office programs for writing. One of the applications is more than enough to proofread your essays. But if you use all of them, your writing will become impeccable. 

Cloud Drive 

Students accumulate a lot of electronic academic materials. These documents end up scattered across devices and accounts. A cloud drive may become an easy solution for your e-documents library organization. 

Mega is the perfect cloud storage for students. Its free version provides a lot of space for keeping documents of different formats. Interactivity is the major feature of this cloud storage. You can not only store data in it but also view it. 

Mega can work with: 

  • Multimedia such as avi and mp4 formats. 
  • Docs
  • PDFs
  • Jpeg and JPG files. 

Besides, you may have access to your storage from any device. 

Google Drive is another popular choice for cloud storage. You can synchronize your google account with many other platforms and save documents from them.

Google Drive right from the box has limited capabilities. However, you can install different extensions to Google Drive and customize it for your taste. Google drive may read different formats of files, work with archives, and has a user-friendly interface. 

Cloud storage will give you easy and quick access to all of your studying materials everywhere from any device. 

5 Categories of Apps to Simplify Your Studying

App for Taking Notes 

Often, you need to write a lot of important information at once. An app for taking notes will help you manage a book list, dates of meetings, and deadlines of projects. 

Evernote is one of the most popular choices for note-taking. Evernote combines a multimedia gallery, a note-taking app, and a calendar. As a result, you have all the necessary tools at your disposal for taking notes of any kind. 

Notion is another app worth mentioning. This application has all the necessary functionality for taking all kinds of notes. However, the selling feature of this piece of software is collaboration. 

You can share your notes with a group of people and update them in real-time. If you are working on a group project, Notion may come in handy. 


Starting research for a big project may be confusing. A starting point may seem vague. The general search does not give profitable results. A research app may give you a necessary jumpstart to direct your research on the right track. 

Google Scholar is a perfect app for conducting full-fledged research. Google Scholar is a search engine by Google that focuses solely on academic resources. You can set criteria for your search, such as document format and year of publication. 

Wikipedia hardly requires an introduction but is worthy of mentioning. This online encyclopedia features thousands of articles on different subjects. The articles themselves are not credible. But, they have links for the actual academic sources that you can use in the research. 

The mobile version of Wikipedia has all the functionality of its bigger counterpart but easily fits in your pocket. 

Khan Academy is another great application for online research. It contains a lot of courses and materials dedicated to different academic subjects. You may not find the exact course that will cover your research question. Yet, you can gather references and study materials that will make your research much easier. 

Voice Assistant 

A voice assistant may seem so obvious and natural for daily tasks. When you collect a lot of applications for simplifying your studying, a voice assistant becomes a key connective element. 

There are several popular voice assistants on the market: Siri, Cortana, and Google VA. Each of them shares similar functionality and works for different devices. 

You can use a voice assistant to access other applications and materials quickly. You may ask them to make an academic search request or take a note. Voice assistant is a toolbox for all of your digital tools. 

Final Words 

The variety of mobile apps may be overwhelming. Each inquiry has many answers. The listed applications only scratch the surface of helpful applications that may simplify your studying. 

Yet, this list should give you a sense of direction as to what kinds of applications may be useful and how you can make your studying easier.