Award Winning Restaurant Interiors

There is no question that today customers go to restaurants for more than the food. If the interior is instagramable, then you’re halfway there to having a successful restaurant. The outstanding winners of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2022 each boast interior design concepts that are just as delicious as the food the restaurants serve. 

Award Winning Restaurant Interiors

Perhaps the key factor to remember when assessing a restaurant’s interior design is whether it compliments the food. Although it needs to be an element of the dining experience, the restaurant interior should never detract from the food. Each of these winning designs uses inspiration (often from nature), a unique color palate, and quality furniture. But the thing that takes an average design to the next level is always that je ne sais quoi which is added by special artwork or decorative elements.

Overall Winner - 1111 ONES, Hong Kong

The interior was designed by M.R. Studio. The restaurant has an Arizona-inspired design theme with copper and rustic burnt orange tones. The standout feature is the undulating dune-like natural-yet modern ceiling. The same pattern is repeated throughout the space. The main dining area has 8 counter seats facing the open kitchen and window-side tables as well as private rooms.

Regional Winners of the 2022 restaurant & Bar Design Awards

  • Best Middle East & Africa Restaurant/Bar 

Mo, Saudi Arabia

  • Best Europe Restaurant/Bar

The Painter’s Room, London, UK

  • Best Asia Restaurant/Bar

1111 Ones, Hong Kong

  • Best Australia & Pacific Restaurant/Bar

Curious, Melbourne, Australia

  • Best The Americas Restaurant/Bar

Imperfecto, Washington, USA

What Makes These Designs Worthy of a Win?

The remarkable thing about the regional winners is how each one has such a distinct interior design. There is nothing generic about any of these restaurant interiors. Mo has a monochromatic silvery color across every surface and rather futuristic minimalistic décor. The Painter’s Room has a gorgeous soft antique pink color scheme which is soft and feminine with art deco touches. At 1111 Ones, you could be crossing the Sahara, or in Jordan’s Wadi Rum, although the terracotta hues and undulating surfaces were inspired by Antelope Canyon in Arizona. At Curious in Melbourne, you won’t stop looking up at the breathtaking ceiling design of thick wooden beams although the plush booths in wine tones are also a sight to behold. Imperfecto is bright, light, and minimalistic, and takes California design to a new level. The natural light at Imperfecto sets it apart from the other restaurants on this list. 

Category Winners of the 2022 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

You can find more inspiration from any one of the category winners in each region. The awards were given to restaurants in various categories including (but not limited to) cafe, surface interiors, murals & graffiti, color, alfresco & biophilic design, fast casual, healthy & leisure, small spaces, visual identity, luxury, heritage, and standalone. Here are the standalone winning restaurants for each region in 2022:

  • Europe – Upstairs at Langan’s, London, UK, by Peter Mikic Interiors

Their 2021 refurbishment has made this Mayfair Brasserie’s interiors pop with color. This iconic restaurant has some of the most comfortable chairs in the industry!

  • Asia – Halation, Shanghai, China, by RooMoo

Think of large infinity mirrors, pendant lamps, metal ceilings, and modular seating areas. Add 81 metallic discs dangling from the ceiling and a selection of upholstered restaurant booths complete the picture.

  • Americas – Seneca – San Diago, USA, by AvroKO

The concept of Seneca is a laid-back Italian trattoria with a mix of tropical and nautical motifs. The shiny wooden floors and plethora of decorative features will make you think you’re on a 1940s luxury yacht.

  • Middle East & Africa – Mo, Khobar, Saudi Arabia, by Masquespacio

Mo’s bakery has a monochrome gray interior. Wherever you look there is a sea of silvery gray. The concept draws inspiration from water and its various states – flowing, stationary, and frozen. 

  • Australia & Pacific – Victor Churchill, Melbourne, Australia, by Loopcreative 

The interior of this restaurant is reminiscent of an old-fashioned European butchery mixed with contemporary artistic flair. From the natural stone wall and wooden tables to the slick countertops, and reflective copper-colored metal ceilings.