How do I find my VIN number

The VIN refers to the record bank of the vehicle. You can take an idea about the importance of VIN as it contains detail on multiple aspects of the car. These aspects are beneficial when you don't know about them or have the urge to get familiar with them. 

This is especially the case with either a new or a second-hand vehicle that you will purchase. Purchasing a car with insufficient information or knowledge of details will put you at risk. This may lead you to recurring repair and maintenance costs.

Everyone wants or likes to be on the safer side. This is where the VIN numbers play their part. Therefore considering the above aspects, it is essential to locate or look up your VIN. With your vehicle VIN at hand, you can use it with the VinPit tool (a VIN lookup tool). This will help you get detailed records on the particular vehicle.

Part 1: What is the meaning of each group of characters in VIN Number?

The characters within a VIN are of prime importance. Each character has a specific role in delivering information on a particular aspect. No character is useless in the VIN code. These characters collectively make up a 17-digit VIN. Understanding the role of each character is essential. This way, you can have a strong knowledge of VIN. 

For instance, take the example VIN to understand the role of each character within a VIN: 

Example VIN: 2RXYZ36LNOP124730

Character 1st (2): Offer information on the location where the manufacturing of the vehicle was carried out

Character 2nd and 3rd (RX): Highlight the manufacturer name who manufactured your vehicle

Character 4th - 8th (YZ36): Provide information on the type of engine, size as well as brand of the vehicle

Character 9th (L): Represents the security code of the vehicle

Character 10th (N): Shows information on the security code

Character 11th (O): Indicate info on the plant of assembling your vehicle

Character 12th-17th (124730): Represents the serial number of your vehicle

How do I find my VIN number

Now you have an idea of the meaning of each character within a VIN. You can utilize this free motorcycle VIN check tool at VinPit to decode your VIN. One of the best in the market to facilitate your VIN lookup needs. 

Part 2: How to Check a Motorcycle VIN on VinPit? 

When it comes to vehicles, you can not only decode cars/Mercedes; besides that, you can also decode Motorcycle. A motorcycle lies among the most commonly used vehicle around the globe. VinPit allows you to decode in-depth information regarding your bike. With a simple-to-follow procedure, you can do it instantly. Well-structured VinPit website has made it convenient for its users. The method comprises three steps which include:

How do I find my VIN number

  • To check the VIN, you need to possess the address of the official webpage of VinPit. Now put the address into google chrome or any other search engine browser you have at hand. After this, click or press enter to retrieve the main webpage.
  • Now you can see the main VinPit landing page in front of you. Locate the search box on the leading site. You will find it right at the top of the main page. After locating it, just place the VIN code in the box with the help of the keyboard. When you have entered the code, press enter. 
  • Pressing the enter key starts the data fetching process. It gets all the relevant info on the particular motorcycle from the sources it is linked to. The sources are mainly public or private organizations within a few seconds after the process began. You will have your report.

Part 3: Why Do a Motorcycle VIN check?

You can enjoy many perks when you perform a motorcycle VIN lookup. The benefits of VIN lookup set it apart when it comes to second-hand motorcycle purchases or sales. Some of the notable benefits of VIN lookup through VinPit are:

Ownership Record

You can get details on the first owner or second owner etc. This is true if the motorcycle has experienced or has gone through a series of purchase and sell processes. You can also get insights on how much period a single owner holds this vehicle. 

Odometer Reading

Odometer reading provides detailed info on mileage. It represents how many miles this particular motorcycle has driven. You can take a rough idea of the vehicle's actual value by this value. If the mileage value is more than less, you need to pay to buy that motorcycle.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency helps you decide if the motorcycle is going to be beneficial for you or not. If it has a lower fuel efficiency, it will consume large amounts of fuel over time. Otherwise, if the fuel efficiency is high, you will experience an investment that is worth it.

Other Details

Besides the above parameters, you can also get insights on specifications, data on repair/ maintenance, and safety recalls. This data will help you keep your vehicle up and note the future maintenance measures you need to follow. Vinpit also highlights the motorcycle's market value, insurance, and warranty record. You will also get detailed information on vehicle specifications. 

All such information prevents you from faulty vehicle or motorcycle. You can also validate or confirm the detail through VinPit and assess if the owner is telling the truth. This way, you can ensure your safety.

Part 4: Benefit of Doing a VIN Check?

Several benefits exist for checking up on a VIN. But some benefits that are worth noting include:

  • You can instantly get a detailed record of the vehicle on the spot. VIN lookup allows you to get several VIN checkups instantly. You can put your valuable time into other activities.
  • VIN lookup through VinPit keeps you safe from scammers or fake persons selling garbage in terms of vehicles. 
  • You can get insights into those aspects which you simply cannot imagine. Owners hide details to raise their vehicle's price, but VinPit uncovers such sellers.
  • You only need to pay a few costs to assess the details of the VIN. VinPit is entirely free, and anyone can use it.


VIN lookup is essential to be on the safe side when buying a motorcycle or a vehicle. This article aimed to provide information on the VIN lookup process, its benefits, and its importance. Now you know everything about these aspects. Use these tools today to look up VIN and reap the benefits.

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