8 Amazing Websites for Online Learning

In today’s digital world, almost all our tasks are being performed online or over the internet. So how could the education and learning sector can untouched by this online impact? After the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come to know the real value and importance of online courses and learning methods that have changed our lives drastically. Online learning platforms proved to be a boon for those students and professionals who want to utilize their time in a productive way when they have a very short span of time to learn something new. 

8 Amazing Websites for Online Learning

The main benefit of online certification is that it gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace while also giving them the opportunity to improve their social networks, study any subject, and polish their resumes. As a result, more people are using online courses to assist them in navigating the dynamic job market of today. According to statistics, there will be roughly 20 million new students enrolled in the online learning platform by 2021.

Online certifications can help people who want to expand their skill set and portfolio, recent graduates who want to move on to the next phase of their higher education, and people who want more ways to challenge their minds in their spare time. Numerous employers have also begun appreciating the importance of these certifications and favoring applicants who have earned these specialist credentials. Their expertise is increased by these online certifications, which also improve the resume's appeal to potential employers. 

Therefore, the best websites that offer online certification courses will be covered in this post.

What are Online Certification Courses?

Simply, Online certification courses are programs you can learn over the internet, provided by several providers for free and chargeable. These certifications can help you start or advance your career skills online. Basically, online programs are specially designed to be completed in a year or less that provide knowledge and skills in a very specific subject area. These courses are provided by colleges, universities, professional organizations, and private companies.

Online certification programs allow you to complete one module at a time according to your own pace. These programs are aimed at helping students develop a specific skill set and prepare them for entry-level job roles in a particular career. 

Online certification programs are available in a wide range of fields, such as applied statistics, Non-profit Management, gerontology, E-Learning, online teaching, Data science, sustainable designs, Law enforcement, etc. Due to the increasing popularity of online certification courses, several schools, colleges, and universities are offering online distance education to learn and explore more. Let us know which are the best websites for online certification programs.

The Best websites For Online Certification Courses

It is a fact in today’s scenario that online classes are an excellent way to build new skills in a short span of time. They enable you to stick to a path from the comfort of your own house. Following mentioned websites are some of the best websites that provide you with the best online certifications in various domains.

  • Simplilearn- It is one of the most popular and trustworthy websites that provide world-class online courses through reputed colleges and companies. It is also considered a leading online learning platform for higher education, with around 1 million students. It offers online courses in different categories related to present-day digital skills. Simplilearn provides a huge variety of paid classes, free courses, specializations, degree programs, and certifications.
  • Udemy- Udemy offers several free and paid (on a budget) courses taught by professors, experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs. It provides courses related to tech, design, business, and marketing field. In addition, to explore more, it provides frequent discounts and specials to course areas such as health, productivity, lifestyle, hobbies, and arts. 
  • ALISON-  Alison is another big name in the list of the best websites offering online certification courses. It provides a huge variety of free courses in various important sectors like languages, technology, financial literacy, science, personal and soft skills, entrepreneurship, etc. It provides versatile courses that are suitable for all kinds of beginners, learners, professionals, teachers, managers, and freelancers.
  • LinkedIn- It is also considered one of the best websites having over 16000 online classes with a vast assortment of businesses. LinkedIn provides courses for both free and paid, categorized into three approaches Business, Creative, and Engineering. It provides certifications in fields like Business Analysis and planning, Finance and Accounting, Career Development, Photography, Graphic Design, Internet Development, Sound and audio, Advertising Revenue, etc.
  • MasterClass- MasterClass is a perfect website for those who are in pop culture. It provides advanced certifications ranging in industries like sports, acting, creative writing, and many more. Several celebrities and experts from different domains are sharing their expertise with the everyday person. It covers topics such as Design and style, Business, Sports and gaming, Art and entertainment, Music, Food, Writing, etc. It is a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website that allows downloading to watch later offline. 
  • Google Skillshop- Because of increased popularity and ease of use, several businesses are using Google as a platform to run, scale, and advertise their businesses. Google provides a number of certifications in categories such as Google for Education, Google Ads, Analytics Academy, Google My Business, YouTube, Waze Academy, Google AdMob, Google Marketing Platform, Android Enterprise Academy, etc. Google Skillshop provides free learning with both in-depth and lengthy lessons. 
  • HubSpot Academy- It is also known as a good platform providing online certifications for everything from quick and practical courses to comprehensive credentials. It is beneficial for business professionals as they can develop their skills regarding inbound sales, customer satisfaction/support, and marketing. Hubspot is a credible and reliable platform to educate yourself and your team. 
  • SkillShare- This website also offers free and low-cost certifications, including topics like creative, technology, business, lifestyle, etc. Skillshare is offering around 29000 smart classes to anyone, anywhere, based on design, tech, business, and more. It helps you learn skills, network with others, and identify new opportunities all in one place. 

Besides these leading websites, there are several websites offering online certifications to gear up your skills in different sectors. Some of them are Udacity, General Assembly, Pluralsight, edX, Udemy, Reliablesoft Academy, Codecademy, SEMRush, Facebook Blueprint, Shaw Academy, Google Primer, etc. You can choose any of them according to your interest and pace. So it is never late to polish your skills with these online certifications.