How to Disable Call Recording Warnings on Realme Mobiles

New smartphones technology gives you the option to record your calls, while recording gets start in Google Phone app it alerts the other party about the warning of Call recording. Some users complain about this feature as they don't like this feature.

How to Disable Call Recording Warnings on Realme Mobiles

To get rid of these call recording warnings we have shared the method here in this article that you can work upon and make your privacy maintained.

How to Disable Call Recording Warnings on Realme Mobiles

Here is the method described to disable Call Recording Warnings on Realme mobiles.

Use of Moded Dialer App

To disable the Call Recording Warnings on any of your Realme Phone using Google Dialer app you will have to replace it with Realme's own Phone app, that has been once the default app on old Realme Phones. 

Follow the method described below:

  1. On your Realme Phone, download this Zip File (Courtesy TechyMinati from XDA Forums).
  2. Now, on your phone extract it in a separate folder. This will show you different apps.
  3. First, install the Contacts app, then install all the apps extracted from the file.
  4. After completing the installation Restart your Realme phone.
  5. After the phone gets restart, go to Settings and choose App Management from there.
  6. In next page, tap the Default App option.
  7. Now, change the default Phone App to Contacts, you will have to do this for all the apps in the Default Section.
  8. Then, come one step back and click on the App List option.
  9. Now, scroll down to the Google Phone App under the App List.
  10. From there, tap the Manage Notifications.
  11. There for Allow Notifications turn the toggle off. It will turn off the Top Banner of the Google Phone App for Incoming Calls. 
  12. You may also then Clear Cache and Clear Data for the Google App.

(This may erase call history from the Google Phone Dialer)

So, this was about how to disable Call Recording Warnings on Realme mobiles easily and simply and keep your privacy.

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