How to Create an AI Avatar of Yourself

Technology offers you to have fun and enjoyment along with your business and works. Many of us want to play with pictures and they like to make changes in their pictures and find it to be an entertaining activity. We are now introduced to AI Avatar to enjoy these changes in our photos.

How to Create an AI Avatar of Yourself

Here in this article we will discuss today that how you can create AI Avatar of yourself on your device by yourself and share that avatar as your profile picture or for other needs as people are doing right now and it is becoming a future trend to have an AI avatar created out of your original selfies.

How to Create an AI Avatar of Yourself

You may find an easy guide from here to create AI Avatar of yourself and then share that avatar with your family, friends and other loved ones.

Use of Prisma AI (Lensa AI App)

Lensa AI App comes from the house of Prisma, it gives you the simple and easiest ways to create an avatar of yourself and share it with others. Here is the method described to use it to create an avatar:

  1. On your Android or iOS phone, download the Lensa AI App.
  2. Now, go through the welcome screen.
  3. From the main screen of the app, click the Magic Avatar button from the top left side.
  4. Next, click the Try Now Button, then click the Continue button.
  5. Next, agree with the terms of use, and then upload at least ten photos following the guidelines as (1. maximum 20 photos are allowed to upload. 2. All photos should be of same person. 3. All photos should have one person. 4. No selfies/no portraits. 5. Photoshoot photos with shame editing are not allowed. 6. Nudes not allowed. 7. Kid's photos are not allowed.)
  6. After selecting the picture as it is mentioned above, click the Import button.
  7. Then, select your gender.
  8. Here, you will have to pay at least INR 290 to get 50 unique AI Avatars.
  9. If you can not pay, you may still enjoy the app by using other editing features of the app such as changing the backgrounds, blurring the background, different art styles and many more.

So, this was an easy guide for you to create AI Avatar of yourself, you may also use other apps as Dall E and Twitter Bots to create these avatars, however you will find good experience on Prisma.

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