How to use Instagram Bots to get more followers

If you run an Instagram business, you must understand the importance of growing an Instagram account. The more active your profile, the more users watching you, and the more successful your business is. But why Instagram? The answer is quite simple. To date, there is no more successful platform for promotion than Instagram. Hundreds of millions of users around the world spend many hours of their time on Instagram every day. Add to this a convenient system for publishing and consuming content, as well as a convenient and intuitive interface for selling and searching for services and goods, and you will get just the perfect platform for doing and promoting your business.

How to use Instagram Bots to get more followers

Subscribers play a key role in this process. After all, it is so important to have an interested and, importantly, an active audience that will bring you real profit. Therefore, it is not surprising that all bloggers and businessmen are obsessed with promoting on Instagram because their success and income depend on it. And if everything is clear with the goals: it is necessary to get as many interested subscribers as possible, then everything is not so simple with the implementation. Often people try to study the topic of promotion on Instagram on their own, spend a lot of time performing routine operations, and study the algorithms of the social network, but then they realize that they need to automate these processes without spending huge amounts of money on it. This is where the instagram autoliker bot comes to the rescue. Instagram bot automates user interaction with his Instagram profile, thanks to which you have a huge amount of free time. At the same time, Instagram bot companies equip their bots with advanced algorithms, thanks to which there is an effective and organic attraction of subscribers. However, to attract subscribers to work as efficiently and balanced as possible, you still must set up an Instagram bot. This is what we will talk about and answer the most frequently asked questions from users about how to use the Instagram bot correctly to get as many followers as possible.

Connect VPN

First, let's find out what a VPN is. A VPN is a virtual private network that hides your IP address and makes your traffic invisible to third parties. Having an active VPN is perhaps the most important aspect of working with an Instagram bot. There can be no talk of any effective attraction of subscribers if you do not pay special attention to online security. If you do not use a VPN while using the Instagram bot, you may lose your account altogether. That is why it is so important. However, not only because of security alone, we recommend connecting a VPN without fail. There are several other reasons for this. First, automatic promotion works much more efficiently with VPN turned on. Secondly, you get the opportunity to automate several Instagram accounts at once. Thirdly, if Instagram is blocked in your region, you can easily bypass this blocking and use Instagram fully. However, not every Instagram automation service offers a VPN as part of its package. Inflact - offers. Together with Influx web-based Instagram bot, you will have automatic access to VPN by default and you will not have to pay for this service separately.

Properly prepare your account for the promotion

For promotion on Instagram using the Instagram bot to work as efficiently as possible, you need to properly prepare your account. It’s not difficult at all. Let's take a closer look at exactly how you should do this.

Eligibility criteria

For the Instagram algorithms not to consider your account activity suspicious, you need to check that your account meets the following criteria:

  • Your account must not be closed.
  • Your account must have an email address and phone number associated with it.
  • Your account at the time of connection must contain at least 12 published posts.
  • The most recent published post must be at least 14 days old.
  • Your profile should contain a detailed and attractive biography.

Particular attention should be paid to the last 6 publications, as they will attract the main attention of your target audience and form an overall impression of your profile.

Prepare a list of related accounts.

The essence of the Instagram bot is that using the configured search criteria and internal algorithms, users are searched for who will be potentially interested in the activities of your account. For this search to work effectively and for the percentage of users subscribing to you to grow, you need to correctly compile a list of accounts from which the bot will lure subscribers to you. The accounts you list must be as successful as possible. After all, the more subscribers they have the more opportunities to find suitable candidates among them. Inflact Instagram bot has a convenient system for searching for suitable accounts. Just enter the keywords that characterize the activities of your account in the search and get a selection of the most popular accounts on similar topics.

Prepare a list of hashtags.

Hashtags on Instagram are an extremely important element. Thanks to them, other users can receive the content of their interests. This is exactly what you need to use. Consider what hashtags your potential client would use to find your posts. Make a list of these hashtags to optimize your Instagram bot. Inflact offers another convenient interface for finding relevant hashtags. Just enter keywords in the search and get a selection of hashtags of varying degrees of popularity. But do not rush to take only the most popular ones. The algorithms will work much more efficiently if you select an equal number of hashtags with different degrees of frequency of use.

Summing up

Today we have analyzed the main ways to make the work of the Instagram bot to find followers the most effective. Follow these basic rules and the flow of subscribers will not be long coming. And it's even better to do it together with Inflact. Inflact is the best Instagram bot on the market. Moreover, Inflact is an Instagram bot that helps you solve any issues related to promotion on Instagram. Trust your popularity to professionals.