How New Generations Gain Instagram Followers Using Social Media

How New Generations Gain Instagram Followers Using Social Media

A few years ago, the Instagram platform was fresh and new. The same could be said about many similar social media platforms. There were also a few undeniable facts about IG. It was:

  • A way for businesses to connect with customers
  • A place where influencers could rise to prominence 
  • A platform that was possible to monetize if a user used the right strategy  

One further fact about this app is that it was geared toward the growing generation at that time. That generation was Millennials, also sometimes referred to as Gen Y. They were the generation coming up after Gen X but before Gen Z.

Millennials took to IG for fun but also as a way of making money. Influencers used it, but so did companies that were clever enough to understand its potential as a method of reaching out to Instagram followers. There are several ways of doing that, regardless of whether you’re a part of the Millennial generation or Gen Z that is coming into prominence right now. One way is to buy IG fans rather than get them to follow you through organic means. There are plenty of reputable businesses that you can use to buy real Instagram followers and get a good head start.

Doing that usually involves seeking out a company that sells these types of engagement packages. For example, you may elect to buy 50 followers on Instagram from Buytoplikes. Locating one of these reputable industry names and purchasing the right amount of IG fans from them is a proven way to jumpstart the process if you are just getting started on this platform.

What’s fascinating about Insta now is that it remains popular, but other generations besides Millennials use it. The one coming up behind them, Gen Z, is also capitalizing on its marketing and money-making potential. 

We’ll talk about how the next generation gains IG followers through social media. 

Buying Followers: A Tried and True Method

Let’s say you want to make a profit using Instagram. You do that in one or more of the following ways:

  • You use your content to gain as many IG followers as possible, and then you team up with advertisers once you become a powerhouse.
  • You directly promote your own products through your channel.
  • You leverage your following to get yourself invited onto panels and to make other prestigious appearances.

How might you do all of these things? The answer is simple enough: you get as many followers for Instagram as you can. Other proven methods include using some of IG’s more popular features, such as:

Using any of these makes sense for any generation that wants to utilize the platform for promotional purposes. Now, let’s talk about some of the generation-specific ways that youngsters use to gain IG followers for this platform.

How New Generations Gain Instagram Followers Using Social Media

They Create Content to Better Themselves

Marketing gurus who study social media platforms such as Instagram have noticed a generational difference that is worth talking about. Many of them have commented on how Gen Z tends to use IG, and social media in general, as a way to potentially better themselves.

Older individuals look toward school as a way to learn. They also look to sources like their parents, peers, and trusted friends, who they perceive as experts on any given subject. This is not to say that Gen Z doesn’t do this as well. However, more than older adults, this younger group also looks toward social media apps like IG as a way to modify their behavior. 

This group also sees those who post as trying to gain prominence in the world, and it amounts to online hustling, and this younger group recognizes and appreciates that. They’re more inclined to support anyone using social media to grow their brand and the number of Instagram followers. This is something that older individuals also do but to a lesser extent.

Younger IG users are likely to incorporate what they see on the internet into their lives in a practical way. It follows that anyone from this group who wants to use this platform to gain Instagram fans will post as much content as possible with actionable, step-by-step instructions. This differs from older users who might just post pretty pictures.

They Post More Frequently

It’s also noteworthy that younger individuals who utilize this platform for promotion and monetization post more frequently if they’re trying to attract more IG followers. The reason why is easy to understand, and younger users spend more time on social media than older ones. 

Even most older individuals who are pretty well addicted to social media seldom spend as much time there as Gen Z members who are more or less glued to their phones. It follows that any Insta user from this generation who wants to snag some more fans for Instagram will post as much new content as they can. 

How New Generations Gain Instagram Followers Using Social Media

They will often post this content daily rather than a couple of times per week, as an older user might. They know that posting as many fresh pictures and videos as possible is their best avenue toward securing a large, dedicated following.

They Use Age-Appropriate Influencers

Most users of social media tend to partner with influencers when they can. They will try to reach out to influencers who talk about a particular industry or niche that they feel interests their IG followers. You may think of Elon Musk, but there are much more niche influencers who will be eager to collaborate.

If they hope to gain a wider following, it makes sense that the younger generation will have age-appropriate influencers instead of older ones. That is because:

  • They know anyone following them will trust someone their own age.
  • They understand that someone age-appropriate will know the latest slang or terminology that young people use.
  • Younger individuals are usually more comfortable being on camera for pictures and videos since they grew up engaging with smartphone cameras all the time. 

In short, Instagram followers of a particular account will likely want to see someone who looks like them, is dressed like them, and speaks like them. This is something that will encourage brand loyalty and get these young people to follow a particular IG account.

Older individuals who use Insta for marketing or promotional purposes can take a lesson from some of what Gen Z does. Finding age-appropriate partners to post content makes sense, as does posting more often if you want to attract a younger IG fans crowd. 

Creating actionable content should help you gain younger followers for Instagram, and it never hurts to buy a few as well, assuming you have the money for it. Doing all these things should put you in a better position to land a larger following as you attempt to gain some headway using this platform.