Twitter to Roll Out Verified Badges with Different Colors Next Week

After the acquisition of Twitter by the world's richest person Elon Musk, it has been a rollercoaster ride for the company.

Twitter to Roll Out Verified Badges with Different Colors Next Week

However, this is not the first time Twitter to launch a new feature and debunk it soon after seeing the backlash.

According to Chief Executive Elon Musk, Twitter is planning to roll out an all-new verified service with three different color variations to differentiate individual and business accounts.

The new service will allow Twitter users to get a blue verified badge (a checkmark) displayed next to their names, companies will have a gold color check mark and government accounts will have a grey checkmark next to the official handles on their Twitter accounts.

This will also help Twitter users to differentiate between government, individual, and business accounts.

Revamping the $8 per month Twitter blue subscription service that allows users to enjoy premium features not available for free users, Elon Musk shared that people will be able to add a secondary logo and he will be explaining this feature by next week.

To your note, Twitter paused the $8 subscription and blue mark service and reinstated the old system on November 11 to cope with fake accounts impersonating the official accounts of celebrities and brands on Twitter, and earlier this month many companies actually stopped spending on Twitter ads.

After changing how the $8 subscription model could make Twitter a great platform again, Elon Musk delayed the launch of the feature on Monday and now again teased that the feature is officially going to be rolled out by next week.

It could make or completely break Twitter as a legit social media platform.