Extraordinary real estate in Palm Jumeirah with no rivals

Palm Jumeirah is an island that can be easily called the eight world`s wonder. Its architecture and incredible design impress the minds of tourists and potential residents of Dubai. The neighborhood is a place where the scope of Dubai is seen the best - skyscrapers "resting" their spires in the sky, and islands "grow" out of the depths of the sea. Palm Jumeirah is one of the most famous wonders of the emirate. From a bird's eye view it looks like a huge palm tree with archipelagic leaves. The area is famous for its comfortable living conditions and premium housing options. Affordable prices apartments in Palm Jumeirah enter the list of homes in high demand among foreign investors. 

Extraordinary real estate in Palm Jumeirah with no rivals

Although the selection of outstanding property represents the implementation of most creative ideas of talented developers and designers, the real estate developing companies do not intend to stop. They continue to invent and bring into life outstanding options of higher quality and complicated construction. 

New premium real estate in Palm Jumeirah  

Alpago Properties are on the edge of launching a new upscale project. A penthouse with its own swimming pool in the new Palm Flower project will not be the only super-expensive object in this extravagant skyscraper. Another ultra-expensive penthouse on the "trunk" of the man-made Palm Jumeirah island will soon be put up for sale, and it looks like it will find a buyer for its 250 million dirhams, as the demand for luxury properties in Dubai continues to grow.

The characteristics of the Palm Flower project 

The Palm Flower project offers apartments at different prices to any taste of a buyer. In general, most vivid examples of properties of the project are the following ones: 

  • Each residence in the new Palm Flower development by Alpago Properties ranges in size from 836 to 1,765 square meters. 
  • Each residence of the above-mentioned sizes will cost from AED 95 million to 250 million (US$ 25.86 to 68 million). 
  • The most expensive residence will have two floors and the other nine will have one floor each.
  • The apartments are available for acquaintance now, while the sales are to start after 2024 – the year of completion. 

A few words from the developer 

The developer of the project, the famous Alpago Properties, considers Palm Flower to become the compilation of luxury properties on the island. Besides, they intend to top up the list of architectural marvels of Palm Jumeirah. 

According to the words of the head of the company, the real estate is a clear reflection of the city`s potential. As Dubai is now home to some of the most modern, creative and unusual projects in the world, the properties should perfectly match the ambitions of this incredible city.

Amenities of residences in Palm Flower 

Considering the purchase of a stylish apartment in the project under construction, it is advisable to come to grips with what amenities it will provide.

  • Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows with spectacular views of the Persian Gulf.
  • First-class amenities such as a private movie theater and gym. 
  • Expansive terrace with a private pool overlooking the sea on one side and a private mini garden on the other.

The state of luxury real estate market in Dubai  

The experts claim that the prices on the luxury real estate market in a popular neighborhood of Dubai have risen 88.8% in the past 12 months. Of the three luxury residential areas in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, with an average transaction value of US$8,891 per sqm, remains the most affordable, compared to Emirates Hills (US$1,5204 per sqm) and Jumeirah Bay Island (US$18,478 per sqm).

The market as a whole will benefit from the inflow of foreign investors due to a significant number of versatile options. In addition, visa reforms, expatriate-friendly policies and high profit potential continue to attract investors from around the world, making Dubai an attractive market for real estate investment.

Help in selecting a home in Palm Jumeirah 

Looking for a perfect home in luxurious Palm Jumeirah, it is advisable to contact the trusted real estate agency. Ax Capital agents are ready to provide any buyer with an appropriate variant at the best price. Do not hesitate to ask a professional for a premium apartment in an outstanding Palm Jumeirah.