Why is real estate in Emaar South in Dubai a reasonable choice?

Dubai's real estate market is developing as fast as the city itself. It is not just individual houses being built, but huge districts are being developed. Which one should foreign investors or buyers pay attention to? No doubts, Emaar South is definitely worth considering. Property in Emaar South for sale is a beneficial option if a foreigner wants to get a good income as well as live in a comfortable place equipped with advanced facilities.

Why is real estate in Emaar South in Dubai a reasonable choice?

The overview of Emaar South in Dubai

Emaar South is a community located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi with near proximity to the airport of Al Maktum. This world-class integrated community offers 22,700 units in six sub-communities. Emaar South concentrates several different property types, offering a new concept of multi-level and standard townhomes, self-contained villas and apartments.

Transportation links and proximity to main attractions

Six sub-communities are connected with multiple boulevards, walking paths, and cycle lanes. A well-developed public transportation network and proximity to major thoroughfares gives every resident the ability to reach all areas of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road are in close proximity to the residential communities and provide quick access to other Dubai communities. For example, Al Maktoum Airport is just 10 minutes away and Dubai Marina is a 25-minute drive away.

Lifestyle and entertainment in Emaar South

Incorporating all the best suburban lifestyle trends, the Emaar South area offers a wide range of entertainment options for residents. Large shopping malls for shoppers, restaurants and cafes for real gourmets, plenty of parks for strolling, gyms and sports grounds are just some of the recreational facilities. A popular attraction in the area is the spectacular 18 hole golf course. In the near future, family and children's parks and shopping malls will be added to the entertainment complex.

Benefits of investing in real estate in Emaar South

Real estate in Emaar South in Dubai is a good option for living, renting out, relaxing, and many other purposes. Among the main advantages of Emaar South, we can highlight the following:

1.      High profitability.

Rental yields in Emaar South are average 7 percent per annum. If we compare this percentage with other metropolises, we can see that the average yield:

-          New York - 3.91 percent.

-          London - 3.21 percent.

-          Singapore - 2.83 percent.

-          Hong Kong - 2.82 percent.


2.      High-tech environment.

3.      Sustained growth of demand.

4.      Residency Visa.

A resident visa is issued upon purchase of real estate valued at $272,000 or more. There are 2-year and 5-year visas for property owners and their families. The validity term depends on the cost of the property.

5.      Ultra-modern life.

6.      Security.

7.      World-class medicine and education.

8.      Tax appeal.

No tax on residential property and rental income. Only 5 percent tax on purchase and rental of commercial property. The rate of VAT is one of the lowest in the world.

9.      Stable currency.

10.  Ever-growing population.

11.  Reliable investment environment.

12.  Ease of doing business.

These twelve benefits are connected with the property and the community itself. Choosing real estate in Emaar South, you get an object in a well-developed perfectly maintained neighborhood with all necessary facilities.

Property for sale in Emaar South

The community offers an exclusive selection of outstanding villas and apartments to any taste and money. Due to its convenient location in close proximity to the main neighborhoods of Dubai, the real estate has already gained popularity among foreign tourists and investors.

Considering the prices, they seem reasonable and correspond to the quality of constructions. A 1-bedroom apartment is available for AED 815,000, a 2-bedroom apartment – AED 1,100,000, while a 3-bedroom apartment – AED 1,300,000.

Villas and townhouses are present on the market as well. The starting price of such objects is approximately AED 1,000,000.

The key takeaways

Emaar South is a new ideally built community with profitable housing units. To select an apartment or a villa of your dream, contact the real estate agency AX CAPITAL. The professional real estate agents have a portfolio of successful cases and reviews from satisfied clients. The specialists will follow and advise you on each stage of the deal.