The Benefits of Mobile Furniture Storage vs. Self Storage

Did You Know the Benefits of Mobile Furniture Storage vs. Self Storage?

You have probably heard of and are familiar with generic self-storage, which forces you to store personal items in static storage units - but how much do you know about mobile furniture storage?

The Benefits of Mobile Furniture Storage vs. Self Storage

While various parts of the home, such as your garage or shed, can be converted to makeshift storage spaces, mobile storage offers a more modern and more convenient solution. With mobile storage, you can keep your stored furniture in your premises or have them transported to a secure storage facility.

A lot of Melburnians may be wondering why they need mobile storage when they can keep using traditional self-storage? Well, it is quite simple really, traditional self-storage is more expensive, and it also takes a lot more work. People don’t realise how much time they waste driving back and forth from the storage facility.

Mobile storage allows you to have extra storage for your furniture right next to you, wherever you go. You can leave traditional self-storage facilities in the past, imagine renovating your house and while it is renovating you still have access to all your items that are in the mobile storage unit that is on your driveway! Better yet, you don’t need to leave your house and make multiple car trips to the storage facility, the storage facility comes to you! 

Mobile furniture storage offers several benefits that beat self-storage, and we would like to highlight those benefits in this article. But first, a little explanation of what mobile furniture storage means.

What is Mobile Furniture Storage? 

Mobile furniture storage uses - containers called storage pods that can be delivered to your home, business, or anywhere else they are needed. They are also called portable storage units. 

The container is brought to you by a mobile storage company, and you can store personal items inside then the company transports your belongings to a secure facility in return for a small fee. You can also go for onsite storage wherein the container will stay with you while you use it. 

Most of the time, mobile storage is used to keep household items and furniture out of the way while a house is being remodelled, cleaned, or when preparing for a move.

Mobile Furniture Storage vs. Self-Storage

Mobile Furniture Storage vs. Self-Storage

Mobile storage has several financial, economic, and physical benefits compared to self-storage. Let’s have a look at some of them together.

1. Saves Space

This is one of the most important benefits of mobile furniture storage. The main reason to use a storage solution is to make more room in a home, business, or other important places.

A lot of people who run out of storage room end up renting expensive warehouse spaces or having to build additions to their home or workplace.

Mobile storage solves this problem by allowing you to store your belongings either temporarily or long-term in the most secure, efficient, and affordable way. Additionally, you can have access to your storage unit anytime provided you give the company at least 24 hours’ notice. 

2. Comes in a Variety of Sizes

Mobile storage provides a variety of storage pod sizes that will suit your needs. Depending on the type and number of items you intend to store, you may require more or less storage space. 

This variety of options makes it easier to request the exact storage size you need. It also lets you switch between sizes whenever you need. 

Comes in a Variety of Sizes

3. Provides Better Security

Mobile storage is one of the most secure ways to store your belongings. With portable storage, each pod is securely locked and stored in a facility with round-the-clock surveillance. 

You also get to lock up the storage pod with your own locks so even employees of the company cannot access your belongings.

With self-storage, the storage site or warehouse is open to the public, and this poses a risk to the security of the facility and to your belongings as well. With mobile storage, only employees handle this business and bring the storage pod to your home. Access to the facility is restricted, thereby reducing security risks.

4. It Is Convenient

When you need to move, opting for self-storage means you need to hire a moving truck and pay expensive fees, or you need to fill the car up several times and make a bunch of unnecessary trips to load everything into the self-storage unit.. 

Mobile furniture storage is different. All you do is request a shipping container for hire, and the service provider will deliver the storage unit straight to your doorstep. It makes the relocation process extremely convenient, less cumbersome, and pocket friendly.

The Benefits of Mobile Furniture Storage vs. Self Storage

Final words

Now that you know some of the benefits of mobile furniture storage as compared to its self-storage counterpart, feel free to research more about mobile storage units when seeking convenient and cost-effective storage solutions.

Whichever kind of storage you eventually choose, it is always a good idea to consider storage insurance as it helps protect you financially and legally in the event of damage or theft of your storage unit. 

Hope you found this article helpful.