The Best 10 Etsy Alternatives for Your Business in 2024

We have reached the end of another year when people start buying and celebrating to bid adieu to the year and welcome the coming year. In this context, online business plunge with products, discounts, and several offers for the buyers.

If you’re a seller on Etsy and experience low earnings, you need to switch to its alternative. Keep reading the post to unveil the best Etsy alternative in 2024. 

What Is Etsy

Etsy is one of the leading e-commerce companies bases in America. The company's primary products are handmade, vintage items and crafts, including jewelry, bags, clothes, home decor, furniture, toys, gifts, etc. 

What Is Etsy

Over the period, Etsy becomes crowd, and you'll find many similar niche sellers selling their products. Instead, with the buyers' numbers, sellers have also increased, pushing you high-risk zone. 

So, here are the top 10 Etsy alternatives of 2024 you can try. 

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

We will present the top 10 Etsy alternatives for you to choose from in 2024. Let's check them out one by one. 

1. Shopify 

As Etsy is famous for its vintage products, its alternative, Shopify, is renowned for its vast categories and product range. It is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that allows users to create a store and sell products. Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms offering unlimited storage and limitless bandwidth and helping to optimize your store for better and quick searches. 

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

As Shopify lets users build store websites using the platform, large business houses like Staples, Heinz, and Lindt built their sites. In addition, its user-friendly site setup and 6000+ app integration make Shopify the leader in E-Commerce. 

Shopify's customer care service is unmatched and always ready to help customers cater to their needs. Basic starts at $29/ per month, and transaction fees are additional. However, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, but after the trial, you need to buy a plan to continue with Shopify. 

2. Squarespace 

Squarespace is another Etsy alternative that perfectly works on mobile, and your buyers can land your store through their smartphone. It offers a good inventory, and built-in marketing tools help attract buyers. It allows an Etsy storefront and keeps your product URL for better search. 

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

The setup on Squarespace will take time, and you need to show patience to grow your business. Its monthly E-commerce plan starts at $18 plus additional transaction fees. 

3. Big Cartel

The Big Cartel model is similar to Shopify, which allows you to create an independent online store to establish your personal brand. 

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

The platform offers templates that you can customize as per your brand requirements. It also provides marketing tools to market your business. The downside is though it's an E-commerce platform like Etsy, it doesn't have a customer base. Instead, you must create your own buyer base to kick-start your online business. However, if you manage to make the base, it'll be one of the best Etsy alternatives you can try in 2024. Though it offers free for five products, the 50 products plan starts at $9.99.

4. Wix 

Wix website builder offers user-friendly templates and an E-commerce setup to sell handmade customize products online.

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

Further, with Wix, you can set up track orders, tax setup, shipping rules for different areas, promotional offer coupons, and payment methods, including debit/credit card and PayPal. The downside is if you plan to sell many products, you cannot go with Wix as it has a few technical difficulties. Besides, it lets you add 100 pages to your site. Thus, Wix is a better choice for small business owners. Its E-commerce plan is available at $17 per month. 

5. Weebly

Weebly is another website builder that allows customized webpage design for your E-commerce store. 

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

The site builder offers various product-selling components, including inventory, shipping tools, buying carts, gift coupons, etc. SEO optimization pages are also available for better outreach. Weebly allows you to modify each page as per your business and branding. Its plan starts at $6 per month, with extra transaction fees. 

6. Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade specializes in handmade items, and many buyers search for products on this platform. It's one of the leading marketplaces that sell accessories, personal care products, pet products, and many others. For example, if you want to join Amazon Handmade, you need to create an Amazon Professional selling account that costs $39.99 per month. After that, you can use the Professional account to apply for the Handmade seller option. 

7. Zibbet 

Zibbet allows you to sell your artisan products across multiple marketplaces. The platform is offbeat and enables you to import products from Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook. If you want to control your Zibbet account effectively, you need to connect all your sales channels. Further, its simple listing process helps you to update on one channel, and the rest will update. It's a time saver who wants to sell products in multiple channels. In addition, it offers $5 per month for each sales channel you connect. 

8. Artfire 

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

Like Etsy, you can create your own boutique shop and list all the available products that attract buyers. Its easy-to-use platform allows you to customize your boutique without opening the code. The setup process is also fast. From its name, you can see that it encourages artisans to sell handmade items. But you can sell other commercial products after paying a commission. The marketplace assures the artisans that they're not competing with mass-manufactured at low prices. Instead, its standard shop plan is $9.99 monthly, and listing and transaction fees are extra. 

9. Storenvy 

Storenvy encourages selling Indie products, including customized jewelry, beauty items, tech products, books, etc. It's a commission-based marketplace that offers online store hosting. The facility may encourage you to sell the product independently, yet you can attract the audience to this marketplace. But, it still needs to gain popularity, and the traffic flow differs from Etsy. 

10. Bonanza 

Bonanza offers like its name; you can list your products on this marketplace or create your online store, anything that suits your business model.

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

Its plan fees are also comparatively lower than other marketplaces. Bonanza brings many offers for you, including connecting with Bing Shopping and Facebook. Besides, you can avail featured with Bonanza's third-party affiliate marketing partners like blogs and review sites and use its customer marketing tool to attract customers. In addition, it offers free joining and listing products and charges 3.5% on all sales, plus 5.5% if you're using Google Shopping Ads. 

Pro Tip for Your Exclusive Shopify Store

 If you have a Shopify store, you can start another online business model that provides a healthy return with zero inventory, that is, a dropshipping business. Dropshipping online is the most trendy business model in that business owners provide quality products to the buyers' doorstep and turn seasoned customers into loyal ones.  

Further, an online business needs automation to upscale its business in this digital era, and dropshipping is no exception. So let’s look at how your Shopify store gets good returns with dropshipping tool DSers. 

Top 10 Etsy Alternatives You Must Know

With DSers, you can contact the best suppliers from AliExpress, and your buyers can avail of the best quality products from you. Automation helps to operate the store smoothly. You can easily import unlimited product reviews from AliExpress via excellent reviews app. Hence, you will get many advantages from DSers to manage your store without difficulties. 

What are the Key Advantages? 

DSers provides you with various benefits while you start working with it, including: 

  • It helps you to place 100s orders in a minute
  • You will get an auto-update of the order status
  • Auto-sync tracking numbers to your store and PayPal account
  • You can pre-select your shipping method
  • You can provide Buy One Get One offer to your customers in the coming holiday season
  • You can hide the products you no longer want to sell
  • It provides 24 x 7 customer care support

These are all advantages you can avail yourself of once you link your store to DSers and display as many products as you want on your Shopify store. Want to learn more, you can check it out here.

Wrap Up

As Etsy becomes a crowded place for sellers this year, you can switch to its alternatives for better outreach and stand out amid the competition. We listed the 10 best alternatives to Etsy, you can take a look. If you want to learn more, you can visit and explore them by yourself, then you might find which one is the most suitable for your business in 2024.

Further, if you want to upscale your Shopify store, you can start a dropshipping business with the best dropshipping tool, DSers. When technological advancement meets with the business strategy and marketing approach, success is just a matter of time.