Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2024

As the world’s casting off the Covid shackles, there’s a renewed appreciation for the joys of travel as enticing vacation destinations beckon. So why not pull out all the stops and make your next holiday the ultimate holiday of your dreams?

Here are just a few superb holiday destinations for 2024 to whet your appetite!

Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2024

#1 -  A plush private island in the Maldives

With more than a thousand magical islands and coral atolls dotted across 500 miles of the warm Indian Ocean, the Maldives offer breathtaking natural beauty and luxury resorts to satisfy the most demanding tastes. The archipelago has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear lagoons. 

So dive, snorkel or swim with exotic sea creatures (including whale sharks!) to explore this unrivaled marine environment. Enjoy outstanding cuisine, service and sumptuous facilities, and relax on pristine white beaches while sipping handcrafted cocktails. Whether you're a scuba enthusiast, keen surfer, honeymooner, sun-worshiper, or just a discerning traveler, the Maldives has it all. With guided tours, fishing, superb restaurants, designer stores, bars, clubs, live music, and much more, the Maldives really is the perfect place to relax and explore.

#2 - How about an indulgent road trip through the American Southwest? 

Arizona, Nevada and Utah have many luxury hotels that make a road trip a wonderfully indulgent experience. The area also offers a wide range of unique luxury activities. From the breathtaking Grand Canyon to the scenic Grand Teton mountain range, you'll find a wealth of sites that are perfect for rewarding day trips. There are plenty of luxury spas and resorts offering world-class service and high-end dining options. 

Horseback riding and camping are popular, as are hot air balloon excursions over Albuquerque, or kayaking and rafting along the Colorado River. So no matter what type of luxury experiences you want, the diverse landscape, vibrant culture, and wealth of accommodation options will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable vacation! There are even some superlative ‘glamping’ sites if you want to try this great option!

#3 -  Sri Lanka’s coast and jungle

Sri Lanka offers excellent diversity with verdant jungles, majestic mountains, ageless temples, endless palm-fringed beaches, reefs, and unique wildlife. It has numerous wildlife sanctuaries, ancient cities and UNESCO World Heritage sites to explore. Winding coastal roads harbor delightful old-world villages, while bustling cities offer chic bistros, fine dining and boutique shopping. 

Sri Lanka’s huge range of wildlife includes Asian elephants, leopards, sloth bears and primates, while its oceans offer exciting sightings of whales, otters and sea turtles. Jeep safaris, snorkeling with dolphins, and flocks of flamingos offer unforgettable experiences! Combine exploring lush tea plantations with seeing elephants and sloth bears, and trek through lush rainforests with awe-inspiring waterfalls. Top-of-the-line accommodations with great cuisine and courteous service complete the package for an unforgettable luxury escape.

#3 - A Big Five luxury Greater Kruger safari in South Africa

The Greater Kruger comprises both the famous Kruger National Park and a large number of private game reserves adjoining it. Most of the fences between the reserves have been removed allowing the wildlife largely unrestricted movement and freedom. A luxury Kruger National Park safari will ensure all wildlife/nature lovers the ultimate dream getaway. Experienced guides lead game drives and bush walks, and the lodges are renowned for their sumptuous accommodations, facilities, cuisine, and hospitality.   

You’ll see the iconic Big Five, but will also be assured of many other outstanding wildlife sightings. Reserves like the Sabi Sands are world-renowned for their leopard, lion, and other predator sightings.  The Greater Kruger is home to close to 150 mammal species and more than 500 bird species have been recorded. Endangered species like African wild dogs, cheetahs, martial eagles, lappet-faced vultures, ground hornbills, and pangolins occur here. Black-backed jackals, hyenas, giraffes, hippos, kudus, zebras, and honey badgers are seen here. 

#4 - Mystical Egypt

Limitless desert landscapes, ancient tombs, temples, pharaohs, and pyramids; that is Egypt. It has superb year-round weather, ensuring it’s a sought-after luxury holiday destination offering travelers the perfect combination of cultural and natural attractions. Exploring Egypt’s wonders is made even more memorable with the range of Egypt tours available.

Explore the bustling souks of Cairo or sail down the vast expanses of the Nile. You will also get to see the famous city Aswan Egypt. History buffs will love all the amazing ancient sites and the wealth of artifacts in Egypt’s many superb museums. Luxury beach resorts along Egypt's Red Sea coast will house you in great style! Scuba divers can explore fabulous dive sites to see more than 1,200 species of fish! These include sharks, including whale sharks, dolphins, and rays. Napoleon wrasse, moray eels, green and hawksbill turtles, dugongs, and clownfish also occur here. 

#5 -  Luxury lodges in New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the most stunning scenery in the world. From golden beaches to majestic mountain ranges, it has something for everyone. Its luxury lodges and resorts offer spectacular facilities, cuisine and service. Many feature spa facilities and private terraces with panoramic views. In fact, New Zealand just has so much to offer – from natural wonders to exotic cuisine and thrilling activities like skydiving and white water rafting. With its crystal clear waters, lush rainforests, unique culture, and abundance of activities, New Zealand might just be the ideal place for your next luxury holiday! 

#6 - Ultimate luxury ‘Down Under’ - Australia

Australia is a premier destination for luxury holidays! From its stunning beaches to its vast desert vistas, Australia has a unique landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. It is home to one of our oldest cultures, and nowhere else on earth can match the Great Barrier Reef. Luxury accommodation abounds, from beach-side villas with spectacular views to historic resorts offering elegant dining experiences. 

Cities like Sydney and Melbourne offer superb activities and entertainment. Outback locations are ideal for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Australian cuisine uses seasonal produce and indigenous ingredients to produce memorable meals! 

Island ‘hopping’, luxury train journeys and a range of cruises are on offer. Visit the Red Center, watch turtles hatch, or swim with whale sharks. Go hot air ballooning, visit the Tiwi Islands, snorkel the Great Barrier reef, meet the wildlife on Kangaroo Island, and sunbathe with kangaroos, (yes, seriously!) - the list just goes on and on … 

A luxury vacation is no more than you deserve after all your efforts and hard work. So don't delay; book today, and set off on that luxury holiday of your dream!