Salt Lake City: Packing List and Sights

Founded by Mormon pioneers in the middle of the 19th century, this city evolved into a real giant! Now, this picturesque young city is the capital of Utah State. Amazing water bodies, and numerous religious, historical, and natural sights attract visitors not only from America but all over the world. 

Salt Lake City: Packing List and Sights

If you’re going to visit it, you’ve come to the right place! We gathered some tips and ideas about what should be in your luggage, and places, which you just can’t miss. Let’s start with your bag.

What do you need when traveling to SLC?

What do you need when traveling to SLC?

Firstly, make sure you’ve got all chargers for your devices. Laptop, phone, tablet, etc. Notice, the operation of electrical appliances may require special adapters, which travelers are advised to purchase at home, before the trip. 

If we talk about clothes, it’s necessary to check the weather forecast. Still, there are some tendencies to its climate. SLC is known as a semi-arid area with distinct seasons. The summer tends to be hot and lengthy. In the fall it’s warm and pleasant, but freezing and snowy in the winter. The highest rainfall season is often spring.

Do you have any water sports planned while visiting the national parks? Particularly kayaking, rafting, or canoeing. To keep your feet away from the water, take hiking boots and water shoes. They have to be comfortable and sturdy, so don’t skimp on good ones. 

Also, choose proper hiking clothing. Pay attention to the next types of cloth: merino wool, polyester, and nylon. To know more, read the article on how to buy hiking gear.

It is possible to travel around the city by bus. They start to run through the streets in the early morning. The fare must be paid to the driver, so you should stock up on a sufficient amount of small denomination coins in advance since it is not customary to ask for change here. 

We recommend you use the service, which offers rental car in Salt Lake City. There you may find vehicles for every taste and budget, including cheap car rental. You need to have a driver's license with you, and mostly the rent is paid in cash.

Best Landmarks to View

Whether it’s your first visit to Salt Lake City or not, you can always discover something new. This city is quite rich in culture and landmarks. Look at the worthy places we’ve gathered below and replenish your bucket list. If you want to rent a car, you’re allowed to do it from the age of 21. 

Take a Tour Inside the State Capitol

The Capitol was built from 1912 to 1916 in the neoclassical style. Now it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The seat of government is open for visitors. It’s possible to tour this stunning building without a docent, but with them, it’ll be more informative. 

The history of Utah and state processes are among the raised topics in a guided excursion. 

The structure is luxurious and exquisite on the inside and out. Amazing scenery, including gorgeous skies, mountains, and the city center, can be seen all around. These factors make this location ideal for taking pictures. Click here to schedule a tour.

Witness the Greatness of Mormon Temple

Witness the Greatness of Mormon Temple

Magnificent Mormon temple was designed in the Gothic style by architect William Weeks. It’s considered to be one of Salt Lake City's iconic sights. When you come closer, you might feel the greatness of this building, where only special services are held.

In the 36-acre territory, more than 14 attractions associated with Mormon inheritance and beliefs can be found. Unfortunately, it’s forbidden to go inside if you’re not a Mormon faith believer. Nevertheless, you can walk around it and gaze upon the breathtaking interior.

Walk along paths at Liberty Park

Situated on a territory of more than 75 acres, this is a lovely place to shut out of the city’s usual noise. Plus, the park is within easy reach of the Tracy Aviary. There are plenty of park benches, public trash cans to keep garbage off the ground, and pathways to enjoy. 

Many people jog, cycle, roller skate, ride a scooter, or just go for a picnic on the grass or down by the pond, where they get greeted by ducks, geese, and seagulls. Don’t forget to greet them too, by giving yummy snacks like bread or pretzels.

Observe birds at Tracy Aviary

Observe birds at Tracy Aviary

Head to the southern part of Liberty Park to stumble upon a charming refuge for over 300 birds. The employees definitely have a great love for animals as they are ready to discuss the various birds. Visitors can take part in daily feedings, interactive bird presentations, interesting educational events, and more!

Have Fun at Hogle Zoo

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the state is Hogle Zoo. Situated at the estuary of Emigration Canyon, this zoo stretches for 44 acres of pathways planted with trees. The zoo offers to witness more than 700 different animals from diverse ecosystems. Here are some animals that you can meet there:

  • Green tree pythons;
  • Hartmann's mountain zebra;
  • Harbor seals;
  • Snow leopards;
  • African elephants;

All species are well-kept, and they have clean and spacious enclosures with more or less suitable natural environments, the sizes increase visibility as well. If you have kids, they’d love it!


These were our recommendations for your trip to Salt Lake City. Hope we managed to help you, have a nice trip!