A Wonderful Breakfast with Black Caviar

Black caviar for breakfast is a great way to start the day! If it is a combination of eggs and caviar, your body will say thank you! The latter product contains vitamins A, E, and D and essential Omega-3 fatty amino acids. They activate the immune system and increase vitality and performance. When you use caviar for breakfast, you will find that it gives you extra energy for the whole day!

Breakfast: eggs and black caviar

A Wonderful Breakfast with Black Caviar

Anyone can enjoy this gourmet delicacy today. These products are usually served for breakfast. This variant of the first meal is widespread throughout the world. It is due to both affordability and the quickness of preparation. There are a vast number of valuable properties in these ingredients:

  1. The egg is considered the benchmark natural product because it contains the most balanced combination of vitamins, nutrients, and trace elements.
  2. Eggs are easily digestible, so they are often recommended for dietary meals. They help to lose excess weight.
  3. Black caviar is rich in proteins, vitamins A, E, D, and other organic compounds needed for the normal development of the body and skin cells.
  4. Black caviar is an expensive delicacy and a means of preserving youth. It dramatically increases the production of collagen protein, which is responsible for skin strength.

To enjoy the taste and benefits of this product, it is worth familiarizing yourself with caviar breakfast recipes and using them in your diet. 

Recipe №1. Eggs stuffed with caviar

It is a simple-to-prepare, amazingly delicious appetizer that will decorate any table for breakfast. Such a treat is also an original version of serving caviar - the egg white does not overlap the natural taste of the delicacy and looks very attractive and unusual. In addition to the main components of the dish, you can also use dill and lettuce.

Recipe №2. Poached Eggs

If you want to cook an unusual, nutritious, and delicious omelet, we recommend using this recipe. The main ingredients of such an omelet will be:

  • 4 large eggs;
  • 1 teaspoon of finely chopped shallots;
  • 65 ml heavy cream;
  • 1 teaspoon of chopped chives;
  • 3 to 4 pips of chives;
  • 60 g black caviar;
  • salt and white pepper.

To create an unusual dish for the future dish, you need to carefully cut off the sharp part of the raw eggs with a special saw knife and then pour all the contents into a previously prepared bowl.

It is necessary to whip the extracted whites and yolks a little, pour them into a small saucepan, put on low heat, immediately add the shallots, and stir the resulting mass until it thickens.

When the omelet has cooked, remove the pan from the heat, salt and pepper it, and pour in the heavy cream and chopped chives.

Breakfast with blinis and caviar

It is straightforward to cook many people's favorite delicacies. Blinis prepared according to different recipes and stuffed with the same caviar can have different tastes. Many delicious caviar-based toppings can satisfy any taster.

Breakfast with blinis and caviar

Recipe №1. Blinis with caviar and cheese

This treat looks very delicious, but it also turns out extremely tasty. First, you need to spread the blinis with melted cheese and dill. Then, put a teaspoon of caviar on top and distribute over the blin's entire surface.

Recipe№2. Rolls of blinis

It is an unusual and beautiful appetizer that looks similar to a popular Asian dish. The blinis can be made according to your favorite recipe. However, when cooking the batter, you should add less sugar than usual, so the blinis will not be sweet but salty. You can use redfish, dill or green onions, and caviar for the filling.

Recipe№3. Blini canap├ęs with salmon and caviar

Make thin blinis. Mix melted cheese with mayonnaise and lemon zest. Cook the blin pie: spread one blin with the cheese mixture, put thin slices of fish and peppers on the next, and alternate the layers. Put everything in the fridge. Before serving, cut the pancake into cubes and decorate it with greenery.


Thanks to various recipes, you can choose a suitable option for yourself and please your family with a hearty breakfast. You can buy fresh products in the online store Bester Caviar. There is a wide range of products at affordable prices.