4 Vital Reasons to Move from G Suite to Office 365

Just like other businesses, if you’re also using G Suite and planning to move to Office 365, then this blog is for you. It would not be fair to compare Google Workspace and Office 365, as they are two unique cloud-based services. Many parameters need to be considered before settling on a certain platform. 

4 Vital Reasons to Move from G Suite to Office 365

Reasons to migrate G Suite to Office 365 are given below:

1. Flexibility and Scalability for Your Business

We do not mean to say that G Suite is not scalable or flexible, but it is a web-based platform that offers limited flexibility. Whereas, Office 365 is a completely cloud-based system, which is more flexible and scalable as compared to on-premises systems. Besides, the centralized admin center and built-in integration of Microsoft 365 with Azure make it even more ideal for scaling on-demand. So, if your business is growing exponentially or you have changing requirements, then G Suite Migration to Office 365 could be the best option for you.

2. Secure your Data and Files with SharePoint

When it comes to data storage, G Suite uses its own personal Google Drive storage for all types of data files, which can be shared with anyone while collaborating with them effectively. But there is 1 drawback of Google Drive; it doesn’t offer structured file storage, which often makes it complicated for businesses to organize their data. Moreover, if any file is deleted accidentally by any user, then you will have to navigate and look for that document specifically.

On the other hand, Office 365 even uses its unique storage feature OneDrive backed by SharePoint, a good content management system. Even if any file is deleted from SharePoint, then there is an in-place recovery for all the files, so you will not face any issues in restoring your missing files.

3. Offers Better Productivity and On-the-Go Access

The important difference between Office 365 and G Suite is the offline support for applications. G Suite applications can only be accessed through the web or mobile apps, whereas Office 365 comes with a desktop version of every app for offline access. For example, Microsoft Outlook, in addition to browser-based use, can be installed on your system.

Although some of the G Suite applications can be accessed offline for editing, you need to make every file available offline, and then upload it again after editing.

So, if your workers travel a lot and work from various locations, then they might find it struggling to work with G Suite applications. However, with Office 365 applications, you will find yourself more privileged, as you can easily access data on Virtual Desktop anywhere and anytime.

4. Better Environment

G Suite might provide various applications like Google Voice, Meetup, Gmail, Hangouts, or Google Sheets, but they are still not enough for collaboration. Also, these applications are not integrated.

However, Office 365 applications like SharePoint, Yammer, Stream, Teams, Planner, Calendar, Dynamics 365, and Outlook are more collaborative than G Suite apps. Also, these apps are beautifully integrated, which makes it easier for users to collaborate and perform independent actions on the files.


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