The Different Types of Service Industry Accidents You Should Know About

The service industry is thriving well and creates millions of job opportunities globally. Rather than selling physical items, the service industry builds or delivers services. Examples of the service industry include healthcare, transportation, hospitality, finance, etc. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 340 million occupational accidents occur every year around the world. 

The Different Types of Service Industry Accidents You Should Know About

The transportation and warehouse industries recorded the highest number of injuries in 2021. If you are a victim of one or more common service industry accidents, make sure to contact professional workplace accident attorneys who will help you get fair compensation for the damages you suffered. 

8 Types of Common Accidents in Service Industries 

Service-industry employment is physically demanding and can result in minor injuries or severe accidents for workers. Here are some of the most common accidents that happen in service industries all the time:

Exposure To Toxic Chemicals 

About 30 million workers are exposed to toxic chemicals at their workplaces every year. People working in the service industry are highly exposed to toxic chemicals, pollutants, bloodborne pathogens, etc. Due to their exposure, the workers can suffer from short- and long-term health conditions, including rashes, poisoning, kidney problems, lung issues, liver illnesses, etc. As per the World Health Organization report, more than 1.3 million people die due to chemical exposure annually. 

Exposure To Radiation 

Employees working at nuclear power plants or near uranium-powered substances face heavy radiation exposure. In addition, radiofrequency and microwave radiation due to magnetic and electrical field exposure also damages workers' health. Many studies relate radiation exposure to cancer and recommend immediate medical care. 

Burns And Cuts 

In the food service industry, burns have become rather common due to dealing with hot kitchen appliances, oil spills, etc. Nevertheless, thermal, electrical, sunburns, and chemical burns are also common in other service sectors. Depending on the severity of the burns, they will be classified from first-degree burns to fourth-degree burns. Nearly 30% of injuries in work sites are cuts, scratches, and punctures. 

Inappropriate Lifting 

Overexertion and lifting objects wrongly can result in severe injuries. The workers may suffer permanent injuries or temporary motion injuries that last for a longer period. It is vital for companies to provide adequate equipment and train employees about proper lifting methods to prevent these accidents.

Slips And Falls 

The most common accidents in the service industry are slip and fall incidents, which are mainly common in manufacturing units, construction sites, factories, etc. Workers must wear non-slip footwear and receive instructions on how to prevent slipping and falling while working. In addition, the floor surfaces, ledges, and stairs must be clean without any trace of liquids or dirt that may cause slips and falls. 

Working In Extreme Temperature Conditions 

Employees working in non-air-conditioned, extremely hot, or outdoor areas are exposed to harsh temperatures. Extreme heat and cold temperatures can wreck the condition of the workers. Due to extreme heat exposure, they may suffer heat stroke, dehydration, exhaustion, etc. Due to extreme cold weather exposure, they may suffer from frostbite, hypothermia, trench foot, etc. 

Falling Objects 

Another common service sector accident is the falling of objects on the workers. Heavyweight objects that are positioned unsafely on upper floors or tied to ropes are likely to fall, which is why they should be stored securely. This kind of accident is highly common in construction sites, warehouses, storage areas, etc. 

Electric Shocks 

Another common service industry accident is electric shocks. Many workers often become victims of shocks due to faulty electrical equipment. However, a few workers suffer from shocks because of careless handling of electrical wires. 

Bottom Line 

The scope of service industry accidents is relatively broad as the workers are exposed to risky conditions. These accidents can be classified into physical, chemical, biological, and safety hazards. The workers who suffered an accident while working in the service sector can acquire maximum compensation by hiring professional service accident lawyers.