5 Most Common Causes Of Teeth Discoloration In Adults

Teeth discoloration is a common complaint for many people. 

Yellowed or stained teeth often lead to a decrease in self-confidence and judgemental looks from many. Teeth discoloration can also be a sign of unkempt oral hygiene or a serious internal disease.

5 Most Common Causes Of Teeth Discoloration In Adults

For these reasons, those that suffer from teeth discoloration try several solutions such as adjusting their diet or lifestyle. 

If changing your diet or lifestyle does not show any improvements, consult a doctor to check for internal problems. 

Before you get to that point, there are many things that you can do to avoid teeth staining. Keep reading to find out the five most common causes of teeth discoloration.

1. Soda

Probably the most infamous reason of all, soda can severely damage teeth. There are a couple of reasons why soda or carbonated soft drinks are bad for your teeth.

One of the more commonly known ones is that it contains acid that can harm tooth enamel. This enamel is slowly chipped away as you consume more soda over time. 

Additionally, the high amount of sugar in carbonated soft drinks is also a major culprit when it comes to staining and decaying your teeth. The sugar also makes you more susceptible to the erosion process and exposes you to cavities.

2. Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your overall health but you can add teeth discoloration to the list of harmful effects too. 

If you have ever seen a smoker’s home walls then you know why smoking can yellow your teeth. 

Nicotine leaves a yellow hue on your teeth and smoking, in general, can cause your teeth to fall out by causing gum disease.

3. Age

While some of the other causes on this list are avoidable lifestyle choices, this one is bound to happen depending on your genetics. 

Even people who take great care of their teeth can experience yellow teeth as a result of aging. Discolored teeth can run in the family so there is nothing that can be done to inherently stop teeth from yellowing.

However, this does not mean that you have to live with discolored teeth for the rest of your life. Choosing superior products like Smile Brilliant’s custom-fitted teeth whitening trays can give you your pearly whites back in no time.

4. Coffee

Most routine coffee drinkers know that coffee can heavily stain teeth especially if you have more than a cup every single day. The same is true for other brown caffeinated beverages too such as tea. 

These drinks consumed with sugar can worsen the effects on your teeth. Moreover, caffeinated drinks contain chemicals that make your teeth more likely to stain.

5. Brushing

It may seem surprising to see brushing on this list. Of course, brushing your teeth does not discolor your teeth. 

Brushing your teeth hard and aggressively, however, does! 

When you brush your teeth aggressively for a long period every day twice a day, you brush away the enamel on your teeth. This enamel is what protects your teeth and once chipped, reveals a layer of dentin. 

Dentin can very easily turn yellow after eating food that stains easily. 

Seeing their teeth yellow over time, many people brush even harder to get rid of the stains. 

To make sure you are not falling into this endless cycle use electric toothbrushes with timers. 

Some toothbrushes even have apps nowadays to show you your brushing patterns.


Finally, it is important to remember that there is no need to lose confidence in yourself and your appearance just because your teeth are discolored. 

There are many solutions to deal with this issue, and you should choose the one you can afford and feel comfortable with. 

One such treatment is teeth whitening. If you need to get your teeth whitened, you can check out this family dentist in Ballwin MO now.

Remember, your smile is perfect as long as you think it is!