Bitcoin ATM Declines – More Than 400 Machines Goes Off The Grid In Around 60 Days

Crypto space is becoming a well-known and popular investment option among everyone. With its mass acceptance, the industry has become a mainstream investment option for investors. And this popularity has many underlying options too!

Bitcoin ATM Declines – More Than 400 Machines Goes Off The Grid In Around 60 Days

This decentralized market is a great option to earn gains without much regulation. Apart from that, you can transfer funds to any part of the globe without any restrictions via Cryptos. If you want to more information

And at present, many currencies of this market have real-life utilities, which make it possible to buy even food items with them. 

Considering this utility, many Bitcoin ATMs were installed. Over 1000 Crypto ATMs were installed per month in the period between 2020 and 2022. But there is a decline in the number of ATMs gradually with the passing years. Let’s discuss the reasons behind this decline. 

Reduction In The Crypto ATMs 

The installation of Cryptocurrency ATMs was quite high between 2020 and 2022. This period saw the peak of Crypto ATM installations which crossed the number of 1000 each month. And this was a positive growth for the market and Crypto ATMs as a whole. These ATMs acted as the major pillar of mass acceptance of Cryptos. 

But all of a sudden, the number of Crypto ATMs is decreasing. In the initial two months of this year, the total number of Crypto ATMs installed has come down to 412 on the global scale! This decrease in the total number of ATMs installed per month is an indication of more reduction. 

What Happened To The Steady Growth Of ATMs? 

The growth of ATM installation was quite high since 2014 and the growth rate was quite stable. Millions of Crypto users were getting benefits from these ATMs. They could have easy access to the conversion of fiats from Crypto. 

This rise in installations was almost at a peak point with the onset of December 2020. And Bitcoin ATMs were installed almost every month and this was not stopping any time sooner! 

But, the advent of the bearish phase spread its grasp on the growth of these ATMs. This immediate influence of the bearish phase led to the downfall of ATM installation. 

When Did The Decline Start? 

In the history of Crypto ATMs, the first decline was noticed in September 2022. There is a decline in the number of entire Crypto ATMs around the world. Again with the start of this year, the initial two months experienced similar declines in the installations of these machines. 

In January this year, the ATM network of this sector further reduced 289 machines at the international level. While in February, 123 more machines were cut off from the global list. 

There are several reasons behind this severe decline in the installations. The decline in the initial level was due to certain geopolitical tensions. But in the later period, the fall in ATM installation is due to a longer bearish phase and a high amount of losses. 

Room For Other Services To Grow 

In recent times, Bitcoin Depot, a crypto ATM provider, has been switching over 7000 machines to BitAccess software. This transfer is helping the provider to cut down their annual costs by high amounts. The operational costs after switching to the software will be absent, which were around 3 million USD. 

Under such a situation, other aspects like cards are growing in the market. With the partnership of MasterCard and Binance, a fresh release will be on the market soon. This card will help you in making payments around Latin American regions. 

Also, the general manager of Binance in Brazil, Guilherme Nazar, shares that crypto’s major use is payment. This is and will be the foremost use case of Cryptos. And there is more space for the growth of mass adoption that will come with time. 


The decline in ATMs may be a highlighting fact that you may stop getting seamless fiat conversions. But do not worry as more ways are coming up to solve this issue. The BitAccess software will offer you similar services and many other developments are on their way. 

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