Google Qibla Finder - How to Use and Everything Else You Need to Know

Finding Qibla direction is one of the biggest converses of all Muslims around the world and even those who are living nearest to Makkah. There are hundreds of mobile apps available for free to help you determine the direction of Qibla but, something coming from a tech giant could make sense.

Google Qibla Finder -  How to Use and Everything Else You Need to Know

Yes, Google recently launched a Qibla direction tool that is available for free to everyone and works better than all the other app and tools online.

Here's how to use it for free:

How to use Google Qibla finder?

Follow this simple guide and pray to Allah with having the accurate direction of Qibla using Google:

  1. Go to on the mobile, laptop, or any other device
  2. After the website is loaded, click on Let’s go button
  3. If you are on mobile, it may ask for GPS permission, grant it
  4. That’s it and you will see a map with Qibla's direction

NOTE: This tool works better on mobile devices, so use it on your phone.

It will show the Qibla direction based on the location of your devices, so don’t move the device or click on the Location icon to refine your Qibla search experience.

On the same interface, you can turn on Satellite maps or use simple Maps and you can even share the Qibla direction with anyone you want.

This is mostly the simplest and fastest Qibla finder tool which is available for free and officially by Google itself.

Let's find out how Qibla Finder works and why it is the most accurate tool from Google.

What is Qibla?

First, we should learn what is Qibla? and here's the answer:

Qibla is the exact location of Kaaba (Lat 21.4224779 Long 39.8251832) which is situated in the Holy City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. All the Muslims around the globe pray facing Qibla no matter wherever they are performing the prayer. So, it is important thing for Muslims to find the right direction for Qibla.

How Google finds Qibla's direction?

Google simply uses (Lat 21.4224779 Long 39.8251832) location and then your current location using GPS and applies the haversine formula to find the direct route between you and Kabah's location showing the accurate Qibla direction accurately by using the compass on your device.

NOTE: If you are using an Android or iOS device such as a Samsung mobile or an iPhone, you will be asked for allowing Google Qibla Finder the GPS and Location access. You should grant these permissions to make the tool work best for you.

You can use this free tool to locate Qibla direction from your house, using your mobile, from your office, from a street, or wherever you are on earth.

That's all about Google Qibla Finder and how to use it.

Keep performing prayers and remember me in your prays.