How to Download Restricted Videos from a Telegram Channel

Telegram has a great name in social media technology, people love to upload and watch videos on Telegram, as Telegram is one of the most convenient platform to create good content and upload videos on it. Now, it has introduced "Restrict Content Saving" feature, that helps the content creator to save their content and does not allow the viewers to download the videos.

How to Download Restricted Videos from a Telegram Channel

But people love to download and share the videos that they watch and like on social media, and this feature may become disturbing for them, so, in this article we will discuss that how to download restricted videos from a Telegram channel.

How to Download Restricted Videos from a Telegram Channel

Here we have discuss different easy and simple ways for you if you want to know about how to download restricted videos from any Telegram channel.

From Bots

You can use Bots on Telegram to download any restricted video from any Telegram channel. Here is how to do:

  1. Under any Telegram channel, click the three-dotted menu of the restricted video to copy the link of that video.
  2. Now, click on the Search icon.
  3. Then, type Save Restricted Content there.
  4. Now, Join the Telegram Channel and to access it click on the bot address of the channel.
  5. Click the Start button, and paste the link that you have copied from the restricted video of the restricted channel.
  6. After getting the download link, click the three dots menu from its thumbnail to save it to the gallery of your smartphone.

That's it, you have done.

How to Locate the Downloaded Restricted Videos 

When you are watching any video on Telegram, the video gets downloaded and it gets saved to the internal storage of your phone. You can use Android File Manager App to locate this downloaded video and extract the video from there. Here is how to do:

  1. Open the restricted Telegram channel of your desired video and play the video to be downloaded inside the app. Many times, videos may get automatically downloaded.
  2. Install the Files app on your Android mobile phone.
  3. From this app go to the Internal Storage section, to access the Data folder click on Android.
  4. Scroll down to the Telegram package folder, click on Files.
  5. Then click on Telegram, then go to the Telegram Video folder, here are all of your downloaded files stored.
  6. Scroll down to locate the recently downloaded file, you may also tap and watch the downloaded video.
  7. To move the file to a different location for its easy identification, Long press the file.

You can also share the file directly with any one from the Share button there.


Q: How can I download any restricted video from a Telegram channel?

Ans: That's not allowed on Telegram to download the restricted videos of the Telegram channel, but worry not if you want to download any restricted video, follow the above mentioned ways.

So, this was an easy and simple guide for the video lovers who want to know about how to download restricted videos from a Telegram channel and enjoy to watch that videos again and again and also share with friends.

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